uk ray ban

uk ray ban Although not necessarily look good, but if a large number of frames will look better, even large mandibular angle can be changed visually
Select angular frame round face can appear more three-dimensional face of some
Lovely photo shoot wearing r ray bans wayfarer ound glasses to find a good point of view it is no big problem, it is recommended for everyday wear better choice angular
If the lower court extremely short (face special round), it is recommended not to wear too much of the frame, the face will look less
Friend is pointed face can be very capricious choice, do not be too proud, though you can do anything on most frame selected, but be careful not to choose uk ray ban shop too narrow rectangular frame, it looks more rigid
Some special shapes of glasses, such as the director described as not up, it look ray ban spare parts s too much like Monster, and be careful with friends alienated oh
Speak true, IPD narrow framework of people still do not choose a frame, when the frame size and IPD does not match easily lead to problems esotropia, more harm than good
Concave shape when wearing uk ray ban a wearing no harm, but also to select the right axis of the frame, IPD narrow axis can also choose a narrow frame, whereas the IPD wide to wide selection axis
If the eyes are good looking, frame or select no border thin border of it, the whole beautiful eyes can be ray bans wayfarer exposed, is the most perfect da ~
Director of Small fans sister who wear glasses were many ah?Myopia, flash, like the concave shape of glasses have c ray bans wayfarer ome a point zan it, if the number of people, we put forward the next event wearing sun glasses modeling it
What appeared to October is coming, summer quietly in the past, so this fall you want to do “fine fashion” must have a single product is it?duangduangduang!It is now in fashion circles dominate the “nerd” glasses friends!
2016 autumn and winter show f uk ray ban loor, all kinds of “nerd” glasses of various shapes, but also to say that most stars like the only wire-rimmed glasses!2017 Spring Fashion Week is in full swing recently off-site, and the brightest stars are employed every means t uk ray ban shop o steal the spotlight, where the gold-rimmed glasses became a hit single product.Yang Mi rushed Michael
Airport Street Kors runway show took on the choice of a “nerd” glasses with a shirt, also hair tied back, full flavor College.