sunglasses ray ban uk

sunglasses ray ban uk From the comfort, the director of the resin material and please recommend mixing materials, more durable one hand, the other main reason is the new lightweight materials, wear a long time on the bridge of the nose, the ears will alleviate many of the oppressio ray ban usa n
And rich colors, shapes, there are many variations (such as a treasure to buy a few dollars to hundreds of dollars color glasses)
The packet, K gold frame on the one hand become old looks after the oxidation problem, there will be a weight problem
For example Wang Luo Dan Yan pair of high value glasses, although poser pretty good, but the real experience is to w ray ban sunglasses outlet uk ear a long time will be a little pain in the ear
Because the weight is not itself very light, but the temple has been relatively thin, relatively ray ban frames uk small loading area, a long time will be deformed ears
If a heavy material like the frame, the shape of the temple require special attention, the best choice is not angular, have a certain thickness, it is preferably blunt shaped temples
Make ray ban sunglasses outlet uk the nose appear heavier frame indentation, for too long can also cause semi-permanent signs, so it is best not to wear glasses for a long time (could not find a map, they make it on their own brain)
Myopia can be reduced wear time lighter, heavier myopic vision correction surgery may be selected in the case of the eye for the case where
A sunglasses ray ban uk fter all, severe myopia glasses off if not careful, the frame then the United States is useless ray ban frames uk , anyway, are squatting on the ground to touch the look …
As for color looks very high value tortoiseshell frame, the director does not recommend to buy, cheap tortoiseshell frame is false, do not like sunglasses ray ban uk the election of resin, sheet style and more
Expensive tortoiseshell even afford to buy, nor environmentally friendly, no sale no killing
Some people judge summed up the simplest method, square face, wearing round, round face wearing a squ ray ban sunglasses outlet uk are, awl face, wearing everything … Overall, though not wrong, but the actual selection of the time but still does not look good
Start with a square face to choose the right circular frame, the frame must pass cheekbones, otherwise it will show great face, for example, two glasses of spring and spring, the right side of this pair appears to be more cosmetic face