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ray bans sunglasses uk HC 8186B The glasses inspired by COACH jewelry series, cat’s eye contour develop their fashion charm, imbued with a strong sense of femininity and modern.In the mirror frame and slender legs decorated with color daisy rivet detail.
Comes the summer, hot, outdoor, pair of sunglasses has become a lot of people go out one essential goods.However, the doctor reminded, low-quality sunglasses not only ineffective against ultraviolet rays, may also cause damage to the eyes and vision.
Director Liu said to the rich, while u ray ban logo ltraviolet rays also easily lead to retinal damage, macular degeneration is the most common of which retinopathy.”Great damage to the vision of this disease, and is irreversible, incurable.”
Experts, who eye prolonged exposure to the sun, a large number of UV stimulation, can damage the cornea, lens, retina and other tissues, easily lead to corneal endothelial damage, solar keratitis, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye pterygium.Thus, the strong summer sunlight radiation season ray ban logo , outdoor activities, wear sunglasses to protect the eyes is necessary.
The optometrist, sunglasses able sunscreen, in addition to its production of a resin material, introduced mainly in that a layer of spec ray bans sunglasses uk ial protective film technology.These inexpensive lenses that make more use made of ordinary glass or plexiglass, or even just some children’s sunglasses are made of ordinary plastic.Further, the mirror is not made poor quality sunglasses smooth, flat, which makes the optical properties of the eye is changed, thus affecting vision.
In addition, the Director Liu Fu also be reminded that, in spite of UV on the eye is not good, but still not recommended for children under 6 years old wearing sunglasses.
“Children under 6 years of age i ray ban clubmaster sizes t is best not to wear sunglasses.”Director Liu said that children under 6 years of visual function is not yet mature, their eyes need a bright light stimulus eye development, and sunglasses to reduce the intensity of the light, it will affect the development of children’s vision.”Unless albino children, it is necessary to we ray bans sunglasses uk ar sunglasses as a means of treating disease one.”
Director Liu recommendations to the rich, children can wear hats, umbrellas for the children to play and other methods to block the sun.In addition, 10 am to 15:00 this time more Qiang Lie ultraviolet radiation, should avoid sun exposure.
In addition, the low-quality children wear sunglasses, if she falls or collisions during play to play, there will be the risk of being stabbed ray ban logo in the eye of the fragile or sharp inferior border of children’s sunglasses lenses.
Wearing sunglasses, special attention must be wearing sunglasses sub-forums, sub-sites, which do not have to wear.Such as cloudy, dark ro ray ban website om and there is no need to wear sunglasses.Some people do not divide the occasion, location, regardless of sunlight intensity, at dusk, evening and even watch movies, television, also wearing sunglasses, which will inevitably increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, fatigue, vision loss, visual fuzzy, and even dizziness and discomfort.
Then, glaucoma, cataract, lens expands significantly in patients should not wear sunglasses.
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