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ray bans sunglasses Grasp the popular elements of the next election glasses?And truth hairstyle, beard, like so many good-looking glasses, depending on your “face” like it or not.
If you are a round face, you and Jia Siting Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig are with a face.But do not be too proud, ray ban new wayfarer because Britain’s top Glasses David
Senior optometrist, Tai Fude said, “In fact, you should choose your own face and different shapes of the glasses to change the contours of the face visually”.So for your small round face, square glasses are your first c ray ban uk hoice.
The vertical length of the rectangular frame or face a long face showing visual error, which gives you a small round face brings new flavor.
Three kinds of face with a round mirror retro contrast, in fact, the right of the long face and oval face is really appropriate than a round face on the left.
Has an oval face of the person is lucky, because you almost suitable for all styles of glasses.However, in order to find Ping Heng between s ray bans sunglasses mooth oval shape and well-defined, most preferably is such that: the spectacle frame is wide, the lens ring rounded corners.Because the oval face of the face of the person is widest frontal portion, so that the ray bans sunglasses line width of the glasses from the frontal smoother transition to the chin.
Street beat demonstration: in line with the desired shape metal retro, cat’s eye glasses, tortoiseshell glasses are right for y ray ban uk ou.
Because the thin and long side faces, so the choice of glasses trick is to increase the width of the face, while the soft facial “square line”.
You can use the soft contours of the face frame to resolve the “square” with a heavy pile head and wide temples to enhance the width of the face.With a wide visual long to save face.
Thick and wide frame wrapped blunt lens from the cheap sunglasses visual reduce the length of the face.
We already know that the aesthetic pursuit of harmonious equilibrium state.Then the heart-shaped face features “u ray ban new wayfarer nder the wide tip”, so the choice of glasses, then the upper and lower trick more balanced proportion of the face.I.e. reducing the width of the upper half, the lower half of the increase in the propor ray ban uk tion of.
The width, the frame may be selected wider pile head protruding round glasses.Round glasses can be soft sharp lines of your face.Lens wear selector or directly increase the “width” as a visual image.
If you want someone else’s eyes fell on the lower half of the face, you can choose a mirror made of metal circles, it can as you wish.Or move a little effort on the color, select the gradual transition of the frame, the lower half of the light to attract attention.