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ray bans sale Kirsten Dunst antique bag with retro sunglasses very harmonious
Kate Walsh choose to use the same retro feel with a pair of sunglasses hat, and Kirsten Dunst turned out like a bird from the antique shops in small bags, sunglasses looks the same from 60 years got along very harmonious.
Nicky Hilton, Rachel bilson, Samanth ray bans sale a Ronson chose a color, and you want people on the street seem less the same, but added that they can learn.But if wearing the color of money, it is best sorted out under his clothes a good color match, dressed too fancy again deputy in color, it is easy to mistakenly think you are playing street performing arts xiaonianqing.
Years carved out of Italian style is still very watchable
Police wearing retro sunglasses Antonio Banderas, who carved out the years that Italian style is still very watchable.Police su ray bans sale nglasses is not so fancy, is very particular about the man’s temperament, therefore, on its retro, but in the temples more than two metal bars only, low-key enough.Sven wants to re-point, you can choose metal frame, coupled with the lens color is not too deep.
There go the natural route of Gold Wood, and Zegna is ray ban uk shop different, and even the position of the nose bridge and are also used as temples of wood material, more chic.
The most traditional style can best experience the test of time, you want retro in the end, then select Gucci, Giorgio Ar rayban mani and Hugo Boss traditional retro sunglasses very good.As for what kind of logo you like, it is like the color of some deep or shallow, these small details can stand t ray ban uk shop he test.
Emporio Armani transparent retro black and white is suitable for younger men and movement points, compared to traditional models, it also appears to be more fashionable.
Really want to play some personality, then pick a bar Alain Mikli!Full of rock style checkered pattern, if accompanied by a white leisure suit, coupled with top h sunglasses at, you can transform your son immediately fashionable in the 1960s.
Wang Fei look behind the sunglasses is the most real and natural
Other star, haircut wearing glasses streets of the image should belong to the low-key, but normally like to play the mysterious dark sunglasses Wang Fei, it wil sunglasses l show in the form of heart on the window mounted “black box” (glasses) for everyone look, already a high-profile move.But I always felt that Wang Fei look behind the sunglasses is the most real and natural.Or indifference or disd sunglasses ain.I would not like to face the media need to keep your eyes open now Jiangdajingshen.
Black-rimmed glasses wearing makeup called IN; not to wear makeup that is ugly
A lot of stars wearing black-rimmed glasses to highlight the trend of taste, but Zhao Wei was wearing a black-rimmed glasses he just became slovenly own passerby.To show the determination and fans mingle in the image.And apparently the same day without makeup from her swollen eyes opinion, which other actress to convey a message, wearing black-rimmed glasses called IN makeup; it is not ugly to wear makeup.