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ray bans prescription glasses uk The AR glasses capable of navigation data, speed, speed limit prompt, fork and other information directly projected onto the driver’s eyes.In addition, it is equipped with the Mini also an “X ray field of view” (X-rayView) function: the vehicle body to “clear”, the driver can directly see the glasses occluded body obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles.As people obtain driver’s license ray ban style sunglasses early, but also by means of glasses to get the distance between the vehicle and the road calculus, the parking process easier.
Through the camera body outside, the actual situation presented in the driver’s field of vision.A field of view is blocked such as columns, doors, etc., will no longer be blind.Imagine the car become “transparent,” and the driver can pivot in all areas, which the new driver but a great help, avoid obstacles, parking warehousing which will be a very easy thing.
Robert Richter, senior technical engineer, said: “We studied a total sample plus three cameras, X-ray fluoroscopy plays a role.”Camera observed the in childrens ray bans coming information in video glasses, so you can see the danger might otherwise be overlooked.
Navigation is one of the highlights MINI AR, the user can scan with glasses poster, in a radio address, aft childrens ray bans er determining the purpose, it will display the information out to the destination on the glasses, and appeared arrows indicate how to turn.
Glasses may be established via a wireless connection with the car, using a head up display, including real-time vehicle speed, road speed, Zhou Bian building name, and the like in front of traffic in childrens ray bans formation can be visualized in place.When the user turns the head, the glasses after the infrared camera to detect the gaze direction, the information will give the corresponding.
The glasses Although feature-rich, but also very practical.But it does not yet have voice control, at least for now can not implement voice response.Another point is, this spectacle while providing a wealth of information to give the driver, but taking into account the practical application scenarios, the information provided glasses a little too much, every time the driver to divert attention, there is always a ray bans prescription glasses uk wide range of field of vision information, this is not distracting.
So rimmed glasses so popular secret in the end what is it?That’s because wearing glasses can bring kind, gentle impression, and also as a wild fashion accessories, you can increase the overal ray bans prescription glasses uk l shape highlights.
Wearing glasses directly affect the appearance of the face, so be sure to try the time of purchase.Even similar style of glasses, wear to also have subtle differences.
In recent years it has been highly respected fou ray ban style sunglasses r-frame glasses are suitable for any face, no lack of intellectual competence, no one has to be perfect digestion.
Especially men can wear better reflect modern man able charm.Compared to four people face, round face is more suitable for people to wear.
Round frame glasses in addition to the interpretation of the image of a gentle man outside, but also to show the recently popular ray ban spares uk retro and cute style.
Wearing round glasses when the points to note.Round face or developed cheekbones crowd, but will highlight the shortcomings, it is best to choose models wearing oversized glasses frame cover the face.Lingling Zhang Zheng Youzhen / text Bando optical /
Lei Feng network (public number: Lei Feng network) July 14 news, last week we reported that Google Glasses second generation (Google Glass 2.0) will not have a consumer version, it is estimated that the failure of the first generation of products allows Google to change the make up of the product line fighting me.According to the latest news, Google Glasses second generation for enterprise customers will come out in 2016.