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ray ban uk store The series of metal frames, the front portion of the plastic material to create, round or square shape and.Temple punishable by laser engraving the Carrera logo.
This morning, officially announced millet VR New notice “Research articles · second,” and the film interviewed Cosplay, little security, network red female trio.
In those whine gas dialogue, we can see “Watching Siyu” “feeling fine” “underwear and a relationship” and shame shame vocabulary, that is to say on the new material will surprise.
Tomorrow, the government has also announced the “Re ray ban wayfarer uk search articles · Third words” trailer video, theme and “price” related.The final product to be released August 4, and look forward to it.
Millet previously announced, will be held tomorrow (August 1) at 10:00 am, the first release millet millet VR products.
Millet VR team, said: “About expectations, we must be delivered on time.About expectations, we must ray ban uk store unprecedented jump out.the most important is!This time, specially prepared for you too……”
At present, the specifications related to millet VR is still a mystery, but officials raybans have uploaded four video segments millet VR notice, each ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Notice poster from the exposure point of view, “always look forward to the unexpected” implies ray ban uk store Millet’s first VR products will bring unexpected features and experiences, the price will surprise?
Millet VR glasses not only black models, but also to graffiti, color, add decorative, customize your millet VR.
Inspired by the elegant and charming female model, “human angel” Audrey Hepburn.Round resin frame feminine, slightly upturned at both ends, reflects the contemporary women’s independence.Continuation Céline sunglasses unique decorative silver metal wafer, the frame and templ ray ban wayfarer uk es which are located on both sides of the connector, gold CéLINE logo remains hidden inside the temple.The series flesh color, green, khaki, brown, cigar, black and other colors to choose frame, respectively, with different shades of polarized lenses.
Inspired by the 1960s, it combines r raybans etro and modern attitude feelings.Lightweight slim shape, elliptical shape resin frame, silver metallic decorative iconic wafer frame front and temple is located at the junction.The difference is that with other series, golden CéLINE logo located on the outside of the temple, a symbol of the modern women’s courage and determination.The series has two kinds of small and large frame sizes, more choice of bright summer co ray ban wayfarer uk lors, from red, yellow to green, and other colored cigar.
According to official re raybans ports, this new millet VR VR glasses toy version of the upgrade version, compared to previous generations of products made a lot of improvements, which the new body to replace the cloth dragon fabric, more comfortable to wear; overall use of the Open Handset tanks, plug easier; stealth body with cooling holes, can play about good cooling; body weight compared to previous generations of products much lighter.
Currently millet community has released the new glasses box diagram, little friends together to feel it!
– every day sitting in the office computer operation friend, glasses often feel dry, fatigue, decreased vision, how do?