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ray ban uk shop The new Google smart glasses over the weekend was accidentally leak on eBay this week, Google react quickly, communicate with the seller after the recovery of the glasses.
Now it seems that this is indeed the secret for Google.The seller is smart glasses Redwood City (Redwood City) company called “Buy Sell Loan” pawnshop, the pawnshop manager Frank Romero (Frank Romero) recently said that the glasses have been handed over to Google.
Employee Buy Sell Loan branch in San Francisco, said that this new version of Google glasses or sold to a ray ban uk shop pawn shop, or is to pawn shop.In either case, if they fall into the hands of competitors, will inevitably adversely affect Google.
University of California, Berkeley School of Law professor, intellectual property experts Talha Saeed (Talha Syed), said: “The sooner the product is compromised, there will be more and more people are concerned about it, study it.”
But Google did not abandon the project.”Wall Street Journal” in July 2015 has reported that Google is developing Google glasses Enterprise Edition, an upgraded ve ray ban warrior rsion of Google glasses wi ray ban uk store ll focus on “health care, manufacturing and energy industries.”.Informed sources also said that Google Enterprise Edition will be equipped with prism glasses larger screen, more powerful Intel Atom processor and longer battery life.
But taking into account the technical content of this spectacle, the money is well spent.It’s hardware and features released last September with the ODG R-7 glasses are the same, but is now known as R-6Q only.
In other words, R-6Q is equipped with a 2.7GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor, the memory is 4GB, built-in storage space of up to 128GB.Run system is based on Android KitKat modifications made ReticleOS.In terms of input, intermediate R-6Q glasses equipped with a position womens ray ban sunglasses 720p camera, recording 100fps.In addition, this is also equipped with glasses triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, a pressure sensor and a humidity sensor.
W ray ban uk store ith respect to connectivity, this spectacle have WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS / GLONASS.The glasses comes with a 1400mAh battery, can be charged through a USB connector magnetic.
View aspect, ODG R-6Q available 16: 720p screen 9, and the refresh rate of 100fps.Since the glasses are transparent, the user c ray ban uk shop an see the outside of the real world, augmented reality and virtual reality support application.Vuforia software tools for these functions will run Qualcomm’s package.
How ODG Smart Glasses of performance and whether it is worth the price, let us in on this week’s CES 2015 and see for yourself.
Accompanied by the sound of cicadas, heralds of summer.Cartier launched 26 new models boutique sunglasses, high-grade material, not only ray ban warrior can help you defend against UV damage to the eyes, and definitely make you become the focus of the Sheng Xiashi.
The launch of the boutique are: young and lively PASH DE CARTIER series; cool sunglasses series; stylish and elegant, refined design panth̬re de cartier series; screw full of masculine and attractive decorative sunglasses series.No matter which one, I believe in you can bloom Audrey РHepburn-like star luster.(Text / Yang Chu)
According to his analysis, this AR glasses should be used with the ray ban uk store new iPhone, given that Apple has always had large investments in the field of AR, so the authenticity of this message should be quite high.Just recently, Apple “equipped with cameras wearable information system,” the new AR patent exposure, this technology will likely be used in a head-mounted display, and the display mounted on the camera can receive information in the same display’s viewing angle.