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ray ban uk sale (6) Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, such lenses are not sunglasses, since it is hardly reduced visible light, but in foggy and dusk, yellow lenses to increase contrast and provide a more accurate video, it is also known Night Vision Goggles.Young wearing yellow lenses section “sunglasses” use as a decorative.
(7) light blue, light pink and other lenses: the same decorative than practical lenses.
(8) dark green lenses: absorb heat, bring cool feeling, but low light transmission and clarity, suitable for wear when the sun, should not wear while driving.
(9) Blue Lens: Seaside beach play can wear blue lenses, can eff ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ectively filter out blue light blue sea and sky reflected.Blue lens driving sh ray ban sunglasses outlet ould be avoided, because it will make us a confusion color traffic signal.
The fashion world, has always been a classic and trendy sub half the sky.This spring and summer glasses still to go retro trend – the popularity of retro sunglasses round mirror, no matter how large, medium and small, classic circular frame always able to keep up with the trend.
Single tone sunglasses past, nothing but black, purple, red, etc., in recent years i ray ban online store uk ncreasingly bold colors and exaggerated.Lenses and frames can see the use of gradient color, contrasting color.For example, the use of black and gray gradient, earth color gradient, blue-violet color gradient …… black and white, red, green and other contrasting colors, so sunglasses become more interesting.
If you want to choose big sunglasses, brown, dark green could be classified as the first choice this year, Amber (tortoiseshell) is also very suitable match.
The basic function of sunglasses should include reducing light sti ray ban online store uk mulation, visual clarity without modification, anti-UV, no distortion of color recognition, traffic signals and the like to accurately identify.If the sunglasses do not have these features it may cause dizziness, eye soreness, the illusion of color vision and other symptoms, there may be cause serious traffic accident.
1.UV index: 96% -98% between selecte ray ban online store uk d UV index (UV filter effect index) on the lens.
2.Color: Lens color to gray, brown, green-based, protection from the sun dark lenses is b ray ban wayfarer sunglasses etter than light-colored, particular attention is to avoid outdoor activities wearing yellow lens sunglasses, because the yellow lenses make the eyes feel more uncomfortable.
3.Model: In general large lens sunglasses shading effect is better than small lenses, eye protection not only to a more comprehensive, but also to block the part of the face.
4.Security identifier: sunglasses safety properties, which uses a lens sheet like material such as a PC impact resistance, on the l ray ban uk sale abel and instructions are often marked with a “have impact resistance” “by the US FDA” “conform to the highest standards in Europe and America” and so, if the product can meet the requirements on the logo for motorcycle riders, drivers and other consumers have special requirements for safety performance is a good choice.
5.Material: summer sweat more, a high resistance to corrosion resin material or a portion of the m ray ban uk sale etal frame material will be more healthy, avoid sweat corrosion frames, but also to prevent toxic substances produced by the frame after corrosion damage to the skin.
6.Comfort: Overall bend through the large sunglasses may seem beautiful, but will affect the vision, to produce visual distortion resulting in dizziness and other conditions.