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ray ban sunglasses uk sale Inspired by the 1960s, it combines retro and modern attitude feelings.Lightweight slim shape, elliptical shape resin frame, silver metallic decorative iconic wafer frame front and temple is located at the junction.The difference is that with other series, golden CéLINE logo located on the outside of the temple, a symbol of the modern women’s courage and determination.The series has two kinds of small and large frame sizes, more choice of bright ray ban spare parts summer colors, from red, yellow to green, and other colored cigar.
Full of rock and roll spirit, unconventional design, rectangular resin frame angular.Generous flat frame modeling, rendering almost at right angles to the top, showing a strong spirit and uncompromising style.To further highlight the visual impact the appearance of the iconic silver metal discs disappear from the front frame, located only on both sides of the temple, inside the temples engraved gold CéLINE logo.The series also has two kinds of small and large frame sizes, and there are olive, ray ban spare parts dark blue, cigar, black and other colors to choose from, with different shades of polarized lenses.
In addition, the new Google glasses will be equipped with a larger prism.Unlike the previous version of Explorer, this prism can bring a more comfortable experience, prolonged use will not lead to eye fatigue.But the report did not mention whether the device image resolution will be improved.
Las ray ban glasses frames uk t week, a mysterious device is considered to be the new Google glasses received FCC certification.The device named “A4R-GG1”, it is neither a smartphone nor a tablet, only to be classified as a Bluetooth device, and support 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Wi-Fi.
As for the specific configuration of how the new version of Google glasses will be released when and in what way, we are ray ban store london currently still unknown.
Now time has passed news about Google Glass of six months, during it is extremely rare, but recent Business Insider reported on the latest developments of Google Glass.
It reported that Google hired several experts this is mainly to carry out a code-named “Project Aura” project, and the project is likely to develop the new Google Glass.From LinkedIn archives of several experts can be found, they are developing “Google ray ban spare parts Glass and other products”, in addition to the file also shows that they are “developing cool wearable device”.
Currently Google has not yet comment, but Google did say that Google Glass will return in the future.(Via: Ubergizmo)
Geoff Dowd joined Google in last fall Project Aura project development team, after he had to work in Adobe user interface research and development department.Sources said Geoff Dowd has left Google in March this year, a period of only five months.
With the name of an important figure in the home, which seems to impl ray ban sunglasses uk sale y the development of a new generation of Google glasses it seems to be experiencing some trouble.Google last year shut down Google glasses project, and all the product off the shelf, but last fall called Nest department under a project called Project Aura surfaced.According to previous news, Google will launch the smart glasses specifically for business users, but Google has also appointed the fashion industry executives Ivy Ross, head to Google ray ban store london glasses.
About Project Aura and the Nest recently, there were many negative reports came.First version of the new project Google glasses is lost, and is exposed on eBay.In addition Nest department head Tony Fadell management model has been criticized, but it also brings Nest financial risk to Google and its parent company Alphabet.
To achieve this goal, Google needs to find an experienced distribution ray ban sunglasses uk sale partner (or partners), the introduction of enterprise hardware, or find new ways of marketing in SMEs.Google glasses project leader Jay Kothari (Jay Kothari) Bowen said their current plan is to work with Google Cloud team and other partners to help customers experience the different business units of Google glasses.”However, after years of effort, Google’s cloud computing is still far behind Amazon and Microsoft.(Little)
As shown above, in appearance, the new Google Glass glasses for people and Exploration version of the product for developers no significant difference – except that it has a mono outer ear.