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ray ban shop uk Cook has previously said the new iPad will have some “exciting new features”, and whether it is on the iPad screen size or processor performance is stronger than the iPhone by a mile, so Cook said the new feature AR will not be associated with the new equipment it?Of course, this is just a guess, we look forward to returning to Apple to bring a surprise for everyone in this year.
Kate – Young (Kate Young) is one of the most popular designers in the world, young Kate – Young (Kate Young) met her life’s elegant, it is Anna – Wintour (Anna Wintour).Kate was Anna – Wintour’s assistant, now been tempered by time Kate has become a famous designer fashion circles.Her clients can be described as big gathering, the best customers ray ban shop uk include Natalie Portman (Natalie – Portman), Dakota Varvatos John Varvatos
son (Dakota – Johnson), Rachel Weisz (Rachel – Vichy
)Wait.But Kate exce ray ban uk pt for those who continued to be active in the standings best dressed ladies clothing design, and more recently, optical giant Tura cooperation, the establishment of the Tura sunglasses Development Group.Tura company was founded in early 1930s in New York, was once Dior
The official licensing partner.
Kate: I like the design.This is my daily work, I found that really interesting design.I was inspired by a lot of cool, retro-style sunglasses, there are many ideas to express what I want in the end wearing glasses.
Kate Young for Tura series wearing glasses on Gome ray ban shop uk z met gala – Selena
Kate: glasses after each one you must try to know suitable to themselves, of course, bring their own glasses to see in the mirror, you know that they like it or not, I like variety, I have a lot of possession classic eyewear.
A well-known Eye Hospital Dr Li Changchun said in an interview, some mild myopia and t ray ban uk store o remind those who usually do not wear myopia friend of the driver, driving do not usually wear myopia is no problem, but once it easier to wear sunglasses eye fatigue, eyesight It will fall, so for people of myopia, the summer driving if you want to wear sunglasses, must be equipped with myopia lenses.
For car owners are accustomed to wearing sunglasses buy sunglass ray ban uk es do what needs attention?Dr Lee said: “Many people think that the deeper the better buy sunglasses color effects, in fact, is not true.Long-distance driving long-term wear sunglasses too deep color, eye fatigue will be more light into the dark places if the tunnel would be more likely to cause safety problems.In selecting sunglas ray ban uk store ses, many owners still exist blindly choose polarizer phenomenon, in fact, the polarizer is more suitable to wear when skiing or fishing, is not particularly suitable for summer driving.Especially the low quality of the polarizer, will drive people to see things through the windshield deformation, increase the probability of occurrence of the accident.”
In color, popular traditional dark lines still account ray bans clubmaster ed for half of deep low-key men will still be faithful to select heavy color.On the other hand, vivid colors popular, has become the most eye-catching 2015’s popular protagonist.From rich red, rose, lemon yellow, sapphire blue and other colors to the neutral Zi Hui, from the solid to the patterns, the dominant color doing my.Overall, the bright and contrasting colors, natural colors and white, will be this year’s most men’s sunglasses tide of color.
Prada Linea Rossa series red sunglasses Prada Linea ray ban uk store Rossa series is the perfect interpretation of the dynamic and casual atmosphere.The red sunglasses quite street clothes sense, the frame around the all-inclusive quite dramatic beauty.
Burberry sunglasses blue sheet improved by the pilot style sunglasses from reduced angular, more rounded.The bright blue and silver with a clean and stylish, grayish blue lenses reduced the sense of the hustle and bustle of summer.