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ray ban sale Common and seemingly no different piece of yoga mat yoga mats, almost thickness, can be rolled up is also clearly.Personal posture but with the application used, it can be analyzed in a yoga mat location, the distribution of the user’s body weight, according to the user’s body, to provide users with customized guidance.It is worthy of the name “Smart yoga mat,” the.
SmartMat supporting real-time applications can generate heat maps users yoga exercise, and how to adjust the posture can be an intuitive icon or audio guide users.It can also record the user’s workout and rate – to quantify contrast with each user’s performance ideal posture, and record the number of users completed every exercise posture.In the initial setting of the calibration process, the position adjusting function according to a user to tailor complete.Developers said, suppo ray ban sale rting the application can identify 62 kinds of different yoga postures shipped.Application of accuracy based balance and completeness of each posture score, and generates a user’s overall score, improved posture for the user to provide a reference.
Enhanced display technologies are now commonly used in gaming, but you know it can do to save our lives?The Guardian called augmented reality riding helmet can make us uk ray ban sunglasses safer on the road.
Guardian is a certification by the US Department of Transportation’s protective helmet, runs on the Android system, with two wide-angle cameras, and draws some design Epson Moverio glasses.It is a very well-networked devices, motorcyclists have to wear it, we can fully understand the situation around.The optical Epson these drivers is provided a heads-up display, data retrieval rear-view camera, showing current speed and navigation information.
CEATEC exhibition in Japan, Toshiba exhibited a similar spectacle with Google smart glasses prototype equipment in the design and functionality of the product simpler than Google glasses.Although there are glasses, but the existence of this product and Google glasses a lot of differences.First, in terms of exterior design, Toshiba’s more like an external monitor, rather than a stand-alone computer or smartphone.
When wearable products become more and more hours of operation and did not follow up accordingly.Compared to a small and not very convenient ray ban sale touch-screen or voice operation, gesture control seems to be a more reasonable solution.Recently, at the CEATEC 2015 exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan, we saw a ring with integrated intelligent acceleration sensor, it all where to buy ray ban sunglasses uk ows you to more easily operate the electronic device.
Gesture commands comprising four moving up and down direction, or movement of the palm at liberty, if matched with a Bluetooth device, this freedom of movement in the form of a perfect can easily control the cursor, scroll or menu selection to achieve.In addition, 16Lab has an extremely high-precision positioning, which means that the effect might be able to achieve text input.We also envisage a similar application in the form of electronic payment services, such as payment ring will vibrate to remind you that trading success.
Wifish integrated industrial-grade temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors, real-time record temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data, ensure that anglers know the real-time environmental data.Generally speaking, unless a special terrain, environmental data, often within 10 km or less, plus fishing location where to buy ray ban sunglasses uk is relatively fixed, limited use of crowdsourcing mechanism, you can call other environmental data anglers, anglers will be able to learn going fishing spots environmental data.Wifish based on the data collected, the establishment of fishing and weather databases, build fish uk ray ban sunglasses ing index model, based on this data mining to help users find locations for fishing.Wifish can help users one-click camera, automatic data recording fishing, no way to solve the user’s hands dirty or do not have time to take the cell phone issue, to facilitate fishing enthusiasts to share, “showing off”.These three issues will be solved to a certain extent.
August 13, Japa ray ban clubmaster n crowdfunding Online unveiled a “smart glasses like most ordinary glasses.”.According to reports, which the smart glasses and ordinary glasses may look no different.After receiving the message, LED light will alert along the glasses lens, at the same time, the user can set the categories notified by supporting mobile applications, specific notification also set a specific lighting and sound and content read out.
Life-changing technology, smart glasses come in addition to meet high-end users of curiosity, but also show some practical, in order to win the goodwill of consumers.As technology bigwigs continuous research and development, functional practicality, intelligent application of new products targeted promotion of different functions, the glasses will be greatly enhanced.
In addition, the British newly developed smart eyewear also committed to changing the lives of b uk ray ban sunglasses lind and partially sighted people.It is reported that the glasses in the eyeglass frame and a camera microcomputer processing means is constituted by an assembly, the system software may be provided near the object image, the image in the form of glasses, when partially sighted people, and can recognize a human face obstacle , visual acuity improved significantly.
After being shot all kinds of fashion bloggers, street Amway star for several months, is finally getting a cat heels haunt the streets.
Nearly two years popular spot, lovely big meow star people related to link the stakeholders.Like this year’s fires cat-heeled shoes previously mentioned, as well as the fall of last year has appeared cat pattern, as if the designers at the same time into a cat laps.