ray ban sale uk 2017

ray ban sale uk Lens: I believe we all have seen on the bridge stall selling “sunglasses” it, not only those glasses no protection for the eyes, but also cause more damage to the eyes, it is because the human pupil will light intensity according to shrinkage enlarged, the light is automatically reduced pupil, thus reducing the ultraviolet light receiving surface, and the poor quality sunglasses lenses tinted lenses generally are comm mens sunglasses on, not only have the UV protection, but also provide a dark environment, so that the pupil is not reduced even enlarge.Therefore, the lens we first choose a UV protection function, as the color of the lens, it is necessary to select based on the light.Also essential items, there are many polarized sunglasses features polarizer is driving, fishing and other activities.
Nose pads and temples: high-quality sunglasses tend to design different nose pads and temples according to the needs of different styles and different wearer, increase in soft non-slip nose pads and temples parts of sports glasses, to meet different designs of adjustable nose adjustability of the nose pad, sunglasses are often poor and not user-friendly design of these.
Details: do not know if you have been care ray ban sale uk ful to contrast the differences are great difference mens sunglasses s in the price of two sunglasses in the details, for me, these details are outside the focus of study in addition to the basic material of glasses.Convergence at the edge of the lens grinding process, lenses and frames, paint gloss or even down to the hinges painting of integrity, these details are to decide whether to focus on high-quality pair of sunglasses.
Overall, a good sunglasses must meet the following basic requirements: PC lenses using lens, UV, shock, uniform curvature of the lens; frame quality material (TR90, etc.); veneer comfortable design, workmanship, could a good deal details.On these bases, mens sunglasses you can choose the right sunglasses according to your needs.
According to the US, Ill blindness prevention and treatment of union declared: choose the best color for sunglasses smoke gray and green, the color of these sunglasse rayban sunglasses s may affect the sensitivity of color to a minimum.Wear pink, yellow, orange, red and violet sun glasses cause eye fatigue, blurred vision due to the fatigue in bright sunlight.Because of this claim, many aircraft and motorists began to switch to smoke gray and green sunglasses.
(1) piece gray: gray lenses can be balanced absorption of any chromatography, so watch the scenery will darken raybans , but there will be no obvious color difference, to show the real natural feel.A neutral color.
(2) filter out the large number of blue tinted lenses can improve visual contrast and clarity, air pollution or punish foggy Wearing the better.
(3) in the absorption of light green lenses, to maximize green light to reach the eye, it is very cool and comfortable feeling, eye fatigue for human use.
(4) blue-gray and gray lens similar to the lens, the lens with a neutral, but darker, higher absorption of visible light.
(6) Yellow lenses Strictly speaking, such lenses are not sunglasses, since it is hardly reduced visible light, but ray ban sale uk in foggy and dusk, yellow lenses to increase contrast and provide a more accurate video, it is also known night glass.Part of young people wearing yellow lenses “sunglasses” as a decorative use.
(7) light blue, light pink and other lenses are also decorative than practical lenses.
Effect of lens color depth only visible light absorption properties, regardless of UV resistance, because the invisible ultraviolet rays, UV resistanc rayban sunglasses e depends on the lens material, rather than color shades, some of the colorless transparent resin sheet, but still 100% UV.
Part sunglasses gradual color resin lenses, i.e., the shallow depths, until a nearly colorless, so wear sunglasses outdoors, may block sunlight from the front, indoors or in the car, you can still see the past.If the light to middle-aged women wearing progressive color will have a good decorative effect.
A good quality sunglasses can not only filter out more than 96% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but also to project light from the weakening.