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ray ban prescription sunglasses uk In the latest issue of “Vogue”, Google glasses occupied the layout 12, apparently the fashion industry has begun to pay attention to this high-tech toys, but also to remind Google, form the glasses of this product to be closer to ordinary fashion in order to get more users, especially female users of the pro-Lai.
Of course, Google is currently the biggest problem is the glasses slightly strange design, although its functionality and increased applications very a ray ban uk shop ttractive.According to related news, Google and eyewear maker Warby Parker have been in contact, we might launch a more stylish frame style in the future.According to the relevant renderings show the new style looks like a stylish black-rimmed glasses, the lens is no longer outstanding, but hidden in the frame, the micro-projector design is also more subtle.All in all, the problem wearable smart devices in addition to the need for more practical function, appearance design is also crucial, because nobody wants to dress up like Frankenstein out the same day.
The new fall conference held next month, Apple will launch three new iPhone products, there may be new 4K Apple TV.The latest news from the media that Apple’s AR augmented reality glasses may als ray ban prescription sunglasses uk o be unveiled at this conference, it is possible that Apple’s iPhone in the history of the coolest accessories.
News that Apple is testing a variety of intelligent glasses with AR function, which is a 3D glasses with AR camera function and many other sensor configurations.The glasses are ray ban 2140 not equipped with screens, but the iPhone as a major center of the display, this is with the use of glasses to keep iPhone 8.
When Apple introduced the AR glasses September, so that consumers put on the iPhone 8 combination of AR glasses, feeling more cool visual enjoyment, AR glasses was expected to promote the sales of iPhone 8 Series explosive growth.
After the news, Apple’s R & D team in early 2015, has been in the R & D head-mounted display.In June Worldwi ray ban optical uk de Developers Conference, Apple introduced ARKit, let the outside world know more about Apple’s plans in the field of AR.
Chopard (Xiao Bang) is renowned for its craftsmanship, unique design and classic elegance renowned, coming at an important moment – Mother’s Day, proudly presents a new series of luxury glasses sunglasses Imperiale.Family name “Imperiale” Italy is defined ray ban prescription sunglasses uk in the text as honorable, noble and unique.Each of them is a masterpiece perfect embellishment all dignified, elegant and refined women’s desire to pursue.
The 69th Cannes Film Festival, Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) is always in the limelight, took off his heels from the start of today’s event wearing round frame sunglasses forced Shuashuai, it can be considered a manifestation of personal style, followed by ray ban uk shop now is a high cold art Fan children.
K small makeup is amazing, eyes blurred deep, round glasses make modeling looks easy, sexy, and cool.Saying little square face K is the most suitable for this round glasses, which reflects the delicate makeup, beautiful, will burst forth quite modern fashion.
As a standard spring and summ ray ban 2140 er, sunglasses LOOK always occupies a pivotal position, so they are well aware of fine fashion accessories is not such a!can!small!watch for!For lazy cancer patients, sunglasses and more important, not make-up late?Stay up all night black eye?As long as a minute of sunglasses to force the grid soaring.But faced with an array of sunglasses should be how to choose it?Of course, according to their face, ray ban uk shop so the effect will be better, a multiplier effect to seal the deal sunglasses!
Karen Walker 2016 spring and summer Arrowed by Karen large series of ads released
Karen Walker sunglasses creative blockbuster “an arrow through the head,” Variety expression full of delight, Which is more with you?
Square face in the entertainment there are more female stars, many supermodels are square face.Although similar square Liansai bone and face width, no heart-shaped mirror face, square face, but is famous queen temperament face.
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