ray ban prescription glasses uk

ray ban prescription glasses uk Polarized lenses can effectively prevent glare, true color and block 100% of UV radiation, the most suitable for the beach, skiing, fishing, driving and other outdoor sports use.
With knowledge of the above, you can safely go try to find the most suitable of a fashionable sunglasses that the!
Summer, and glare of the sun blinded us.Harmful rays emitted by the sun not only burns our eyes, or the culprit senile cataract, this time we need a qualified sunglasses for us against these harmful rays.
Lens color: Also cal sunglasses prescription led “stained lens” is in the lens production process, plus some chemicals, so that the lens showing the color to absorb specific wavelengths of light.
Coloring lenses: such lenses exhibit the same effects as those of color lenses, only made in different ways, which is applied to the lens surface color, the most well-known is the “gradient type lens coloring”, the color is above the deepest and then gradually down light.Usually with prescription sunglasses are multi-coated lens color mode proce buy ray ban sunglasses ssing.
Polarized lenses: in order to filter the sun shines on the land surface direction equal or snow, of the dazzling light, perpendicular to the added special coa ray ban prescription glasses uk ting on the lens, called a polarizing lens.Use: (maritime activities, such as skiing or fishing) most suitable for outdoor sports.
Lenses: It was also known as “sensitive lens”.Since adding the right amount of chemicals in the lens, so that the original transparent colorless lenses, met intense light, ultraviolet radiation, it will become colored lenses, mainly for protection from ultraviolet burns to the eyes, so is suitable for ray ban prescription glasses uk indoor and outdoor at the same time use, especially in the areas of Qiang Lie ultraviolet.
Pick a pair of sunglasses, consumers should learn to read signs, some of the words on the label may indicate sunglasses have some additional features.Consumers should buy the product to obtain a complete package and save it good, which is the manufacturer’s commitment to product performance.
Sun rays reach the surface in about 13% of ultraviolet.UV extent of damage to the ray ban.com human eye is mainly determined by the wavelength of ultraviolet light, radiation time and intensity strength and self-defense mechanism of the human eye buy ray ban sunglasses , the cornea, lens is the most common ocular tissue from UV damage.Generally indicated 100% or UV400 UV refers to the spectacle glasses having ultraviolet resistant.
Lens choice of color depth, should be considered depending on the properties desired activity, for different light sources and applications, will affect the color of the lens shading effect.For summer strong light can effectively block s ray ban.com unglasses, glasses should have sufficient depth of color, in many sunglasses will specify 1,2,3 tag class, which refers to sunglasses lens color depth, the deeper the color series high, the more obvious blocking the sun.
(1) Gray lenses: gray lenses can b buy ray ban sunglasses e balanced absorption of any chromatography, so watch the scenery will darken, but there will be no obvious color difference, to show the real natural feel.A neutral color.
(2) tinted lenses: filter out large number of blue can improve visual contrast and sharpness, wear or in an air pollution situation better foggy.Generally block the smooth shiny surface reflected light, wearing glasses can still see the subtle part is ideal driver.
(3) Green Lens: while absorbing light, green light to reach the maximum of the eye, it is very cool and comfortable feeling, eye fatigue for human use.
(4) blue-gray lenses: gray lenses and similar, with a neutral lenses, but darker, higher absorption of visible light.