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ray ban optical uk ▲ iLady favorite model Karlie Kloss shows the design of this very special shot in the street.
▲ acting as good temperament and British actress Rosamund Pike joined the DIOR (E) VOLUTION fans team.
▲ overwhelming for newcomers supermodel Lineisy Montero interpretation of this spectacle, there is a different atmosphere, a little more partial street.
As we presented above, it can be a fusion of different styles of design, not too fashionable, giving a feeling of rhetoric, there wayfarer sunglasses will not be obsolete sense.This is exactly Dior sought, therefore, this spectacle also appears in this season’s hard-Canton on.
Finally, I want to share with you is, Dior iconic star ornament on top of gray lenses, except for the external design sense, but with a touch of luck meant, just as it brings the year of Mr. DIOR.
Most suitable for wearing face: heart-shaped face, wide angular face, diamond face
This season, from the T station and then to a street shooting star, like cat’s eye sunglasses, cat’s eye up version of a strong return again this summe ray ban optical uk r, sunglasses with a retro effect that the forties and fifties of the last century, to bring all of a sudden you can make change too cute fashionable, full of personality, reminiscent reminiscent of those movies delicate, exaggerated and lady image, in fact, a lot of wind and take the elegant Queen Fan ray ban optical uk the person wearing it is also good to see.Cat’s eye sunglasses looks intractable fact not pick one, unique shape up really well cosmetic face, wide cheeks at improving diamond face, etc..
With the fashion world Daxing retro, retro round sunglasses are also being secretly became a part of street shooting star of the popular single product.Retro round sunglasses, very easy to create a strong sense of style, there is a distinctive belt.But retro round sunglasses manage to pick up or face oh.Round face and face sister is not suitable for m wayfarer sunglasses eat, bring only make your face look more fleshy.If you really do not want to give up, you can choose an oversize models, play a little face little effect.
D-shaped sunglasses are actually a good old classic style, including the Wayfarer (traveler) and Clubmaster two, which is a modification of the former, the main difference is that the frame.Initially create male D-type sunglasses, girls with them more handsome fashionable.Such D-shaped sunglasses, since it has been tough enough line itself, it is not suitable or angular points of a sq ray bans uk sale uare face, face.Instead, facial soft, round face, long face, flat face can be relied prominent contours, the proportion of facial harmony, and prepare significant fashionable.
People face belongs to the type of oval face, lines of symmetry because there is no obvious edges and corners, so no special attention to style when choosing sunglasses, as long as the election on behalf of their own style of sunglasses just fine!Although many people envy face, but the only thing to be careful ray ban official online store uk of is that if the face is small and oval face type of people do not buy too large mirror, so will show children wearing adult sunglasses counter!
Another trendy wind taking the cute cartoon line.Such as the same lens is circular contour, Anna (Anna Sui) and Mani (Marni), with the choice of a circular lens, but the design sense, the old-fashioned not significant.Similar oversized plastic frame color profile, or l ray bans uk sale arge glasses straight legs, virtually all revealing a bit fresh and lovely, youthful people feel the rhythm.
VOILE DE TWEED theme series shows tweed combined with smooth lines modeling results: very 70’s style characteristic of the last century, square or slightly rounded extra large model.Double C logo like metal ring is embedded on the temples.This series of works in pastel or light colors, such as purple gray, ray bans uk sale khaki and sunglasses models cherry, but also vibrant bright colors such as forest green, and blue lagoon of optical glasses lens models.
Prada 2015 spring and summer series of sunglasses with a strong personality and characteristics.Contoured shape from a circle to a cat’s eye, to a square, offers a variety of options, the actress has been the essential choice.Stylish, Jian Jie sunglasses make PRADA style, not only to attract attention when launched, and instantly became a favorite of Hollywood stars.