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ray ban online store uk Google yesterday announced the beta version of Google glasses ( “Glass Explorer”) the owner will have the opportunity to exchange new Google glasses, new ones will start in November.The new Google glasses will be applied to those who wear glasses, it will also add a mono ear plugs, and replace the current version of Google glasses bone conduction speaker.
We already know that Google is secretly developing a new generation of Google glasses, while real machine according to this device has also for the first time exposure in front of us.
According to previous rumors, the new generation of Google glasses mainly for applications in the enterprise environment, it is ray ban online store uk also known as Enterprises Edition.From the FCC recently released real machine photos, compared to the previous models of the Explorer model obviously changes.As can be seen, it is designed to fashion a plurality (may also be more durable), the prism screen has been increased in volume, but also the power button body from the original position of the embarrassment of being moved to a bottom end, the hinge also allows users to join in travel can be folded and stored.In addition, we can see magnetic interface for connecting external battery pack, as well as components suspected of Intel Atom processor in photos.
Currently we still do not know Google will release this device when, but considering that it has been filed with the FCC, I believe from the official release should also not far away.But ray ban carbon fibre as mentioned above, this Google glasses is a commercial equipment is not suitable for general consumer use, we can only wait for a more consumer models come out.(Eskimo)
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