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ray ban official site uk Preview at CES 2025 will make people more excited poured some of.Therefore, Sapient Razorfish team based on macro trends in technology and consumer behavior, some of the products on the CES eight years later were to imagine.
2. Facebook, Oculus and Parrot release MAV
People share from heat and daily dynamic remains unabated, the industry’s vision has been to invest in areas other than the self-timer lever.MAV now able to automatically hover in the air, recording the world around you from more favorable perspectives, including the perspective of the user.Facebook, Oculus and Parrot will jointly issued MeDrone, ray ban sunglasses paragraph most advanced micro-UAVs designed to simultaneously in 2D and VR in the form of bits and pieces of your life will be recorded and streamed directly to a virtual world of Facebook Virtuworld.You may be able to make every moment of your life have become eternal.
3.Microsoft to Le Pen will HoloLens technology to the Ray-Ban’s fashion eyewear
With an embedded microphone, directional audio and gesture / voice recognition technology, Le Pen (Ray-Ban) new eyewear collection will support mobile augmented reality (AR) computing and ray bans prescription glasses uk communications services, glasses itself will also have a variety of digital color choice.This new “classic” design will help greatly expand the user base of AR, such as the ability to attract consumers who originally because of ray ban official site uk poor equipment design and shape of AR technology is not interested.New HoloBans glasses will be sold in stores, Microsoft, Ray-Ban retail stores as well as telecom operators.
5.Kohler Co. Bioscan smart toilet to provide accurate feedback healthy nutrition
United States Kohler (Kohler) next-generation non-invasive radioactive thin-layer scanning technology into its smart toilet products, leading to a clear and direct to the consumer health analysis.Kohler laboratory chief medical officer said, “We will study your ‘output’, then bring valuable information to you!”This technology will als ray ban clubmaster uk o provide antioxidant levels, immediate feedback nutritional analysis and health, as well as a daily dietary advice given.
GM’s driverless car company and the largest US drugstore chain Walgreen (Walgreens) teamed up to Lyft drivers on the road are driverless car passengers daily medical services.Walgreen’s ch ray ban official site uk ief health officer, in announcing the cooperation, said the service will allow anyone to accept the latest flu vaccine, vaccines, medical or other simple medical services to take advantage of time in the car.
7.Sony to launch PlayStation VR civilian clothes with tactile feedback
While Sony in the field of VR helmet behind Oculus, Apple and other competitors, but now it has taken a big step to regain the lead: VR casual release for PlayStation with tactile feedback.The company introduced the product to a series of tactile feedback technology breakthrough, only appeared i ray ban sunglasses n a chair before class technology.Today, Sony VR user equipment can obtain a comfortable pure mobile experience of tactile feedback.
By combining electrophoretic display technology and integrated Konectit, all kinds of people placed on the shelves of individual products will be able to automatically change their appearance according to local and real-time status.Intelligent Packaging Company executives pointed out, “Imagine, open in the morning your medical cabinet, see your sunscreen bottle to remind you that ray ban clubmaster uk today the weather is hot, sunny.Now, our products will be based on the expected change their packaging needs to help consumers more easily make daily choices.”
Elegant design novel binding trendy shape, such as circular, cat eye-shaped and oversized, acetate using a special material, and processed to create through HD better visual effect.Every model uniqu ray ban clubmaster uk e logo design to be modified, use metal inlay, laser engraving technology or unique shape of the hardware device to show the elegant details such as Kissing C buckle on large luxury models Natasha sunglasses, other iconic decoration, special shackle on the mirror sunglasses, and each one engraved with diamond iconic logo.
For myopia of consumers, both in the summer to wear glasses again sunglasses, this is a very troublesome problem, how can you have it both ways?The industry is given five solutions: