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ray ban glasses uk prescription Recently, at the 2017 CES show in Las Vegas, easily pupil Technology released a set of VR and AR in one of the MR smart glasses, and published the information on the next generation of products VMG-MARK.
Look at this one is enough CES2017 most complete VR News (Update)
It is reported that, VMG-MARK delay can be reduced to a level imperceptible to the human eye, thereby solving perspective video delay big problem in this industry.Is a perspective view with respect to the optical greatly reduce the cost, and is not translucent overlay image on the imaging results, but realistic screen capture real-time rendering, thus m ray ban glasses uk prescription ore realistic.
Easy pupil VMG series is actually based on a video see-MR smart glasses technology, VMG in real-time rendering screen capture reality through binocular camera, digital information can be superimposed on part of the virtual reality screen capture to achieve AR or VR, but also can be changed to increase o ray ban glasses uk prescription r decrease the digital “reality”.
In addition, the pupil is still easy to CES shows two “Deep Ocean” and “Through the Looking Glass” Demo show.In “Deep Ocean” in, MR smart glasses can instantly locate and mapping of the space of the user’s current ray ban stockists uk location via SLAM, real space directly in front of the real-time rendering of seawater into Smart.In the video see-through technical support, a deep-sea whale with a large viewing angle of 110 ° AR screen presentation, the user can feel the great whales swim close off from his side from the sub-sample, the effect is quite shocking.
The “mirror world” is able to visually turned around to experiments confirmed that the human brain can adapt to the digital future, ray ban stockists uk such visual perception.After MR bring the glasses, the opposite is presented about Digital Vision, seemingly out of reach of scientific experiments can be brought before the House’s global technology through MR glasses.
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