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prescription sunglasses ray ban uk A source said that Google is working on research and development team, “Google glasses Enterprise Edition” (Enterprise Edition), will conduct the relevant tests later this year, which means that the second generation of products will come out in the next year.
It is reported that Google will be the second generation glasses with Google for Work (Android-based work type application solution) with the use of.Hardware configuration, Google also made some minor adjustments, for example, can be subjected to additional high-capacity external battery by a cable, built-in support for the 5GHz Wi-Fi (previous generation only supports 2.4GHz band).
Earlier Sources also said that a new generation of Google glasses also increased the prism, and e prescription sunglasses ray ban uk quipped with Intel Atom processor.Therefore, endurance performance of the new product will be better.
South Korea’s chief big guy who failed to escape the fate wear glasses more handsome.Most ethnic gave him a sign face, narrow black-rimmed glasses better suited business men.
You can wear glasses know there is a ray bans womens sunglasses uk lot of decorative effect, that is, by age!
Jia Siting – Timberlake is a good example, before and after comparison seems to be a 35-year-old when he and his business for a, bring a lot of sentimental feeling and a sense of sunshine.
Whether the red carpet or leisure activity, male stars all know w uk ray ban online hat best suits your glasses.For example Gosling, when attended the event in a gray suit with checkered clothes prototype glasses frame, can you say I saw a domineering image of president do?
Mall fashion eyewear shop, not only store design ingenuity, its name is also very tide.
All along, the ray bans womens sunglasses uk main mode optical shop to shop mostly independent shops, occasional open counters in shopping malls, is generally not the main shop, often hiding in an obscure corner, but the price is never cheap.And do not know whether to show their very professional reasons, most optical shops decoration are “very plain”, the clerk wearing a white lab coat, consumers joked: “I feel now is a hospital system.”.
However, this phenomenon has rec prescription sunglasses ray ban uk ently been converted, invariably day Central, Wan Ling Hui, China Vanke, the R & F and other sea Pearl City mall opened a new breed of sleek, new optical shop.Most of them are designed with an open storefront nowhere without walls, but also young and beautiful in the decoration.Price transparency, are gen ray bans womens sunglasses uk erally frame plus the lens package price.And there are online and offline stores.
In the past the mall, on the first floor cosmetics is not the shoes, second floor, third floor is the women’s, men began the fourth floor, sportswear and children’s wear.As for the optical shop Well, in any of these layers may be one, but it certainly is not a core position.Since the glasses is not “just be” mainstream consumption, although myopia, presbyopia glasses need a lot of people, but a lot of people wi ray ban sunglasses for men th a pair of glasses to wear three to five years, if the degree does not change, someone will wear a decade.Glasses are not consumer staples, optical shops will have been in a state of “Cinderella” appears.
Here on the other hand also the style glasses came tide.B uk ray ban online efore the tide models only have a relationship with sunglasses, myopia is synonymous with old-fashioned.However, in these glasses shop, fluorescent colors, tortoiseshell pattern, imitation wood frame, the metal frame has a splice plate, the design is also very stylish.Even the glasses case are very beautiful.And sunglasses and myopia, sell together plain mirror, sunglasses mostly also with the degree of lens.
Retro glasses can not be too moist nor Pacific.The ancient round glasses made nearly circular, and there tortoiseshell.And metal frame with slender, lightweight and delicate.