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prescription ray ban sunglasses uk Wei Feng network Aug. 31 hearing for many grist, the Google glasses undoubtedly is a very new and interesting stuff, although it is not yet perfect, and problems faced possible invasion of privacy, but it is still highly anticipated.Recently, Google Glass team took the opportunity of many developers get Google glasses, held a small gathering to discuss Google glasses experience feelings together.At the same time, Amanda Rosenberg marketing manager for Google Glass team also brought a more stylish version of Google glasses.
Although Google glasses in the beginning of the design, by virtue of stylish design, obtaining favorable for many celebrities, but the attendant problems are gradually developing.Since these gla ray ban original wayfarer sses too recognizable, and Google has too much fame, so after wearing, people think th ray bans on sale at the user is likely to be true “GEEK”, and can inadvertently leak their privacy, it is quite necessary to keep a distance.The Google glasses wearer is perhaps for this reason, feel social trouble.
According to reports, the exterior looks sleek design revision to Google glasses for the first time, leading it from the Google Glass team of industrial designers design Olson.Although only launched a version, but if well received, including developers, in ray ban shop cluding, perhaps does not preclude Google will launch a special customized services.
Perhaps the ultimate direction of the introduction of customized services is Google glasses, after all, in today’s society, everyone in the pursuit of individual differences.And the working principle Google glasses, also make it prescription ray ban sunglasses uk difficult in real life universal, but in terms of the use of fashion, research, education and so on, then there may be a disruptive effect.
In any case, ahead of Google glasses are not suitable for everyday use today, but with a more stylish look, many believe that all fans want to see Google’s glasses.
At the beginning of last year, Google made the decision to stop selling Google Glass, and even developers work halted, melted behind closed doors R & D.
In a secret research for nearly a year, the new Goog ray ban original wayfarer le glasses surfaced at the end of 2015, Enterprise Edition quietly appeared FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the new hinge design, waterproof, switch to Intel processors.
From only a few photos, the new glasses do with a more rugged hinge design, which is determined can be fashioned.
Further, Google also designed different from the power contacts and exclu prescription ray ban sunglasses uk sive micro USB data interface and.
Which large-size thin rectangular sunglasses, between modern fashion and classical elegance to achieve the perfect Ping Heng, interpretation of retro fashion.Bezel and temple using hit-color design, with a fine appearance, and Marc Jacobs 2015 spring and summer fashion show echoes the theme, including color combinations: white / black, black / white, beige / white and brown / white ( MJ 501 / s models).
Designed to attain round sunglasses series, retro styling ray bans on sale and design unique double thick beam.Which type provided in two designs: Design of the frame and temple-side stripes of the front collision color design.Color combinations are: white / gray and beige / white; brown / white and black / white (MJ 502 / s models).
Marc Jacobs sunglasses and optical frames series manufactured and distributed by Safilo Safilo Group.
Optical expert Eric Tremblay introduced a unique contac ray ban original wayfarer t lenses, available with a telescopic sight.The contact lens AAAS held earlier this year in San Jose, California (AAAS) annual meeting announced.
Such contact lenses having a thickness of 1.55 mm, and has a very thin reflecting telescope, which allows the user to zoom in and out the old blinking, the contact lens is made by a rigid, despite having a relatively large size and rigidity, this scleral lenses are safe to use or and comfort, the optical sensor and electronics is also an attractive platform.