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cheap sunglasses Marketing: When Google released eyewear Hanliaoliangsheng also throw off the cheek, but then there is no longer any marketing campaign, you can not keep the attention of how the product could sell it big?
Competition: Microsoft’s HoloLens seems to be cool than Google glasses.
The real reason from the exposure of the picture can be seen only improvement is the foldable glasses, but I am afraid that is not a non-collapsible bury the first generation of Google glasses.Second-generation Google glasses can be successful, we will wait and see.
The series will be held in August in sunglasses Jimmy Choo each Monopoly counters and shop for sale.
Summer arrived, many uk ray ban sunglasses shop people wear sunglasses to block the scorching sun, but sunglasses are not only decorative, but also has the eye function, the failure of sunglasses not only can not protect the eyes, may also cause eye diseases.The flea market 5 dollars, 10 dollars a sunglasses, though good-looking, but probably bad for the eyes, then we should pay attention to it in the selection of sunglasses?
When the director of the Diabetes Eye Disease Prevention Center Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology Hospital, then pass the red guest BEIJING Health Channel interview said, be sure to uk ray ban sunglasses shop buy sunglasses UV protection; second, depending on the depth of the color of sunglasses, can not affect the color of see things resolved, not after wearing yellow do not see yellow, or white as the pink, then this is certainly unaccepta prescription sunglasses ray ban uk ble mirror.Then there is the beautiful, and that is to try to wear size, the right fit.In addition, it is recommended not to buy too dark sunglasses, eyeglasses too because some people with glaucoma structure, easier to stimulate glaucoma, if long-term wear, then, for example, more than two hours, there may be acute glaucoma attack.(BEIJING Health Channel)
It is reported t cheap sunglasses hat the document had been filed with the patent in April 2015, the patent entitled “built-in projector head-mounted display device”, the purpose is “to share information with other users around” while including patents, including pictures of all the signs that it is likely that the next generation of intelligent Google glasses.
It is worth mentioning that, if so, the user can display photos and video Google glasses taken to a friend or family really as described in patent documents directly through the mini-projector, some small think is really excited about it!But in the end what will be a new prescription sunglasses ray ban uk generation of Google glasses what kind of surprise and upgrade, let us wait and see!
Glasses will be connected to a single similar mobile computing power, the system is running Linux, the hardware configuration is not disclosed.
According to Lenovo introduced, New Glass C200 was launched to the use of artificial intelligence and AR, the goal is a tool to analyze the data as a smart glasses.Lenovo said, C200 can recognize 20 kinds of objects, including various images and architectural drawings.This is because its built-in A ray ban reading glasses uk I software called Lenovo NDB Martin’s.The AI assistant by computer vision, plus camera, user habits and a variety of sensors to provide information, but also equipped with voice, gestures and buttons control functions.
Tell your cheap sunglasses sweltering summer sun has arrived, which means the arrival of the holiday season.You need a cool sunglasses, a retro hot swimsuit straps, wear a wide-brimmed Panama hat or cap.Blouses and most exaggerated accessories, show the most personalized style beach.
Temperature is getting higher and higher, more and more fierce sunshine, let the official arrival of summer sunglasses become our closest partner out to the streets.Maybe you just want to block the sun to protect the eyes, maybe you need a s uk ray ban sunglasses shop unglasses to determine their own degree of fashion, where the most popular sort of style sunglasses this year, even though a basic models below these clothes with sunglasses you can transform fashion icon.
Half-frame sunglasses regarded as the first of this year, which means that this trend can make you look very stylish, but the years have continued to stay ahead, the most representative is Miu Miu Rasoir series, the show has been shot in the street look a lot of sunglasses, if you are going on a fashion tour, semi-rimless sunglasses is the best option.