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Lazy, sexy and charm cat eye makeup began to vigorously brush the big show there is a sense of.
Of course, this is not all, since the invasion of the fashion world, it is ray ban sunglasses price necessary a success, the 1950’s that the prevalence of retro cat eye glasses and a resurgence.
Cat’s eye glasses were originally made a star ray ban uk wayfarer of Marilyn Monroe in the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire”, the myopia Monroe played a shy girl with glasses, occasionally wearing cat’s eye glasses, even transformed int ray ban clubmaster sunglasses o fashionable girl.
This sharp corners sunglasses, retro and elegant, especially popular in the 1950’s.That’s goddesses are quite obsessed with this shape glasses.
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Net Red sisters are hard demonstration, especially GIGI askew in Black, after all, there are body color, how to wear both fashionable for words.
Really ment cheap ray bans ion, such a shape quite modified face, because the effect of play in the visual transversely extending, elongated face, can be relied on to Ping Heng the.
Have their own characteristics half frame and full frame, are cool to wear, fit with a little fresh hair.
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Square cat’s eye glasses, the audience is very wide, very cool to wear, usually face all appropriate.Net Red sisters had to stay in the dressing room wearing a pair.