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cheap ray ban sunglasses Back to the present, in 2000, when modern glasses biased, thin frame Quartet plane mirror, frame slightly wider, more in line with the needs of modern people in business negotiations and work.But now, I’m not sure in the end what kind of popular, probably how handsome how to routines.
Here, someone will ask: “Since there are so many choices, just like it choose a?!”Then you probably went into the” change is not handsome, “the misunderstanding, because to see the face ah.Her carrera sunglasses e that the face is the face, each person’s face, it is suitable for different types of natural wear glasses.Identify your “face”, the election of glasses, so Yan soaring value.
Teach you a tongue twister “bogey round box round face, square face bogey box.”It’s not like wearing clothes, choose the same color will never go wrong, if the frame and face the same choice will only make your original face size x 2.Broad forehead, with sharp angular facial lines, as well as the jaw line is not smooth, suitable for wearing circular or oval frame add softness to the face.Like men and Benedict as rectangular face, it is recommended to s ray ban frames elect a larger circular area of the glasses, which can cover the face gear more, can play a significant effect small face.
Also known as elliptical oval face, in fact, this can be said to be almost perfect face, substantially any suitable style glasses (envy ing).But there should be noted that, to avoid selecting too slender style that seemed longer face.Select the frame slightly wider with a wide glasses or face, etc., can make more perfect facial proportions.
Remember the beginning of your tongu carrera sunglasses e twister teach you?Round face and round glasses who do not choose, because this would seem to be more rounded cheeks Big.And both sides of a square or rectangular shape of the rising cat’s eye glasses is more suitable for this population, not only make face was thin, but also bring a little mens sunglasses bit sense of contour.
Heart-shaped face, also known as the inverted triangle face, this face is the most obvious feature is wider at the top, remember not selected in the selection frame half has a very fancy decoration of the teardrop-shaped glasses and lenses, will increase the upper half of the people wide attention forehead portion.Smart choice and lower edges are equally wide glasses, glasses of medium length rectangul ray ban frames ar gap, or can best visual attention to the bottom face style.
Glasses, now is not simply a functional tool, but also the whole face become handsome fashion items.So now you can choose according to their own face glasses do?
“Anyway, is not often wear, the two summer months, every time that wear out, not long, it should have little effect on the eyes.”Students are buying glasses Liu Lei think.
Xi’an First Hospital eye clinic patients every week forty-five cases, sunglasses, eye discomfort caused to come to treatment.Ophthalmologist, said Zhang Changnin cheap ray ban sunglasses g, sunglasses supposed to block the sun, but failed sunglasses is counterproductive, will harm the eyes, wear a long time can cause dry eyes and even dizziness, and can lead to eye diseases.
So, with piercing eyes, enough to know what you want to have enough understanding of their.
To know what the easiest way is to find some smart partners to help you pick.Beat the street outside the Fashion Week Daren learn to take it, they are all “walking machine grass”.
Although Black glasses street shooting st ray ban frames ill the most unshakable of color, however, this does not mean that other colors to throw in the towel.16 years from vintage wind blowing, the color will bloom in the glasses, of course, because compared to black, red and yellow is more suitable for expressing strong retro bright side.
For hot metal frame glasses, of course, more sophisticated thin frame.But the cheap ray ban sunglasses ratio of the thickness of the eyeglass frames fashionable and full of change, since put on the glasses frame other materials, you will find that they are very thick frame.Thick frame brings many benefits, such as “wide” play the role of modified face frame thick.But generally we think, exaggerated style and eye-catching design is expressive fashion reflects ah.
Square and round glasses have been the game, has been co-exist.This is because for some people with square mirror, for some people with a round mirror, there is reasonable Well.But by round glasses retro thrust, performance in the show and shot in the street of the more eye-catching.Add a filter, you would not suspect that it is several decades old photos.