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ray ban official site uk Preview at CES 2025 will make people more excited poured some of.Therefore, Sapient Razorfish team based on macro trends in technology and consumer behavior, some of the products on the CES eight years later were to imagine.
2. Facebook, Oculus and Parrot release MAV
People share from heat and daily dynamic remains unabated, the industry’s vision has been to invest in areas other than the self-timer lever.MAV now able to automatically hover in the air, recording the world around you from more favorable perspectives, including the perspective of the user.Facebook, Oculus and Parrot will jointly issued MeDrone, ray ban sunglasses paragraph most advanced micro-UAVs designed to simultaneously in 2D and VR in the form of bits and pieces of your life will be recorded and streamed directly to a virtual world of Facebook Virtuworld.You may be able to make every moment of your life have become eternal.
3.Microsoft to Le Pen will HoloLens technology to the Ray-Ban’s fashion eyewear
With an embedded microphone, directional audio and gesture / voice recognition technology, Le Pen (Ray-Ban) new eyewear collection will support mobile augmented reality (AR) computing and ray bans prescription glasses uk communications services, glasses itself will also have a variety of digital color choice.This new “classic” design will help greatly expand the user base of AR, such as the ability to attract consumers who originally because of ray ban official site uk poor equipment design and shape of AR technology is not interested.New HoloBans glasses will be sold in stores, Microsoft, Ray-Ban retail stores as well as telecom operators.
5.Kohler Co. Bioscan smart toilet to provide accurate feedback healthy nutrition
United States Kohler (Kohler) next-generation non-invasive radioactive thin-layer scanning technology into its smart toilet products, leading to a clear and direct to the consumer health analysis.Kohler laboratory chief medical officer said, “We will study your ‘output’, then bring valuable information to you!”This technology will als ray ban clubmaster uk o provide antioxidant levels, immediate feedback nutritional analysis and health, as well as a daily dietary advice given.
GM’s driverless car company and the largest US drugstore chain Walgreen (Walgreens) teamed up to Lyft drivers on the road are driverless car passengers daily medical services.Walgreen’s ch ray ban official site uk ief health officer, in announcing the cooperation, said the service will allow anyone to accept the latest flu vaccine, vaccines, medical or other simple medical services to take advantage of time in the car.
7.Sony to launch PlayStation VR civilian clothes with tactile feedback
While Sony in the field of VR helmet behind Oculus, Apple and other competitors, but now it has taken a big step to regain the lead: VR casual release for PlayStation with tactile feedback.The company introduced the product to a series of tactile feedback technology breakthrough, only appeared i ray ban sunglasses n a chair before class technology.Today, Sony VR user equipment can obtain a comfortable pure mobile experience of tactile feedback.
By combining electrophoretic display technology and integrated Konectit, all kinds of people placed on the shelves of individual products will be able to automatically change their appearance according to local and real-time status.Intelligent Packaging Company executives pointed out, “Imagine, open in the morning your medical cabinet, see your sunscreen bottle to remind you that ray ban clubmaster uk today the weather is hot, sunny.Now, our products will be based on the expected change their packaging needs to help consumers more easily make daily choices.”
Elegant design novel binding trendy shape, such as circular, cat eye-shaped and oversized, acetate using a special material, and processed to create through HD better visual effect.Every model uniqu ray ban clubmaster uk e logo design to be modified, use metal inlay, laser engraving technology or unique shape of the hardware device to show the elegant details such as Kissing C buckle on large luxury models Natasha sunglasses, other iconic decoration, special shackle on the mirror sunglasses, and each one engraved with diamond iconic logo.
For myopia of consumers, both in the summer to wear glasses again sunglasses, this is a very troublesome problem, how can you have it both ways?The industry is given five solutions:

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prescription sunglasses ray ban uk A source said that Google is working on research and development team, “Google glasses Enterprise Edition” (Enterprise Edition), will conduct the relevant tests later this year, which means that the second generation of products will come out in the next year.
It is reported that Google will be the second generation glasses with Google for Work (Android-based work type application solution) with the use of.Hardware configuration, Google also made some minor adjustments, for example, can be subjected to additional high-capacity external battery by a cable, built-in support for the 5GHz Wi-Fi (previous generation only supports 2.4GHz band).
Earlier Sources also said that a new generation of Google glasses also increased the prism, and e prescription sunglasses ray ban uk quipped with Intel Atom processor.Therefore, endurance performance of the new product will be better.
South Korea’s chief big guy who failed to escape the fate wear glasses more handsome.Most ethnic gave him a sign face, narrow black-rimmed glasses better suited business men.
You can wear glasses know there is a ray bans womens sunglasses uk lot of decorative effect, that is, by age!
Jia Siting – Timberlake is a good example, before and after comparison seems to be a 35-year-old when he and his business for a, bring a lot of sentimental feeling and a sense of sunshine.
Whether the red carpet or leisure activity, male stars all know w uk ray ban online hat best suits your glasses.For example Gosling, when attended the event in a gray suit with checkered clothes prototype glasses frame, can you say I saw a domineering image of president do?
Mall fashion eyewear shop, not only store design ingenuity, its name is also very tide.
All along, the ray bans womens sunglasses uk main mode optical shop to shop mostly independent shops, occasional open counters in shopping malls, is generally not the main shop, often hiding in an obscure corner, but the price is never cheap.And do not know whether to show their very professional reasons, most optical shops decoration are “very plain”, the clerk wearing a white lab coat, consumers joked: “I feel now is a hospital system.”.
However, this phenomenon has rec prescription sunglasses ray ban uk ently been converted, invariably day Central, Wan Ling Hui, China Vanke, the R & F and other sea Pearl City mall opened a new breed of sleek, new optical shop.Most of them are designed with an open storefront nowhere without walls, but also young and beautiful in the decoration.Price transparency, are gen ray bans womens sunglasses uk erally frame plus the lens package price.And there are online and offline stores.
In the past the mall, on the first floor cosmetics is not the shoes, second floor, third floor is the women’s, men began the fourth floor, sportswear and children’s wear.As for the optical shop Well, in any of these layers may be one, but it certainly is not a core position.Since the glasses is not “just be” mainstream consumption, although myopia, presbyopia glasses need a lot of people, but a lot of people wi ray ban sunglasses for men th a pair of glasses to wear three to five years, if the degree does not change, someone will wear a decade.Glasses are not consumer staples, optical shops will have been in a state of “Cinderella” appears.
Here on the other hand also the style glasses came tide.B uk ray ban online efore the tide models only have a relationship with sunglasses, myopia is synonymous with old-fashioned.However, in these glasses shop, fluorescent colors, tortoiseshell pattern, imitation wood frame, the metal frame has a splice plate, the design is also very stylish.Even the glasses case are very beautiful.And sunglasses and myopia, sell together plain mirror, sunglasses mostly also with the degree of lens.
Retro glasses can not be too moist nor Pacific.The ancient round glasses made nearly circular, and there tortoiseshell.And metal frame with slender, lightweight and delicate.

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uk ray ban shop Packham show off Zhang Li is a bold, with a shirt with a full sense of design miniskirt, also accompanied by a fall street shooting essentials: Ankle boots.A dress sexy enough in itself, is Zhang Li broke with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, suddenly full of bookish.
Recently busy promoting the new movie “July and quiet” is also clothing items Masi pure burst table, joined the camp street shooting.Suit jacket with shorts mad show legs, the whole body look the biggest surprise is that the bulk of gray socks + shoes with suede, and blowing the breath of rich st ray ban repairs uk udents.This dress of course, gold-rimmed glasses fashion index to increase it!
Not only is the street shooting, self-timer actress who is also full of gold-rimmed glasses piece of creative figure, do not know if you noticed, this piece of glasses and general “nerd” also slightly different uk ray ban shop styles, frames do at the very process design sense, yet fun fashion.
In addition to this wire-rimmed glasses have more design sense, it may be mo ray ban.co.uk re “familiar” this is a little old-fashioned plain mirror toad.Street beat Wang Ziwen turned the small expert, dressed in their favorite Vetements with a nerd glasses, full of street sense.
Not long ago in the “Bazaar” charity night, Wu Yifan also wayward wave of street wear brand Vetements came Shuashuai, also di ray ban repairs uk d not forget to match such a “nerd” glasses.Even when wearing suits also fit such a wild plain mirror.
Pair standard “nerd” glasses, of course, is from the explosion models Gucci’s friends!The glasses is the most conservative mix of retro shirt, Song Qian, Yuan Shanshan is such a mix of.The actor is even more preference for the use of such glasses to create the feel of the streets have more fashion sense.
In addition to gold-rimmed glasses, black side can also create unique fashionable, but compared to ray ban.co.uk the bookish rich gold-rimmed, black side seems to be more amazing.Net Red supermodel Kendall
Jenner will build small round black eyes with a range of street children, and Xu Lu even with such a spectacle out of the concave Lolit ray ban repairs uk a gas, such a look on abstinence glasses to create the Department of Zhang Yixing on biased in favor of the orthodox.
In fact, countless types of plain mirror style, fashion has always been not to exit the stage of history is a black-rimmed glasses.Tang Yan of black-rimmed glasses on round cushions Long Boom love, silly temperament is very significantly younger.
In addition rounded edges, as well as the frame of Fang Fang, round box compared uk ray ban shop silly, more mature side edge.But if the color value is high, then,
Li Xiaolu also can be as capricious as the side with the transparent, anyway, people out of the concave shape is also possible ……
December 19 news, VentureBeat foreign media published articles based on macro trends in technology and consumer behavior, way back at CES 2025 will probably uk ray ban online appear in the eight product.
The new session of the CES International Consumer Electronics Show is coming, when there are expected to be more than 16.50,000 participants and more than 38 models of exhibits.However, while CES is still very exciting, but early next year we will see the change will be incremental innovation, rather than disruptive innovation.

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ray ban uk sale (6) Yellow lenses: Strictly speaking, such lenses are not sunglasses, since it is hardly reduced visible light, but in foggy and dusk, yellow lenses to increase contrast and provide a more accurate video, it is also known Night Vision Goggles.Young wearing yellow lenses section “sunglasses” use as a decorative.
(7) light blue, light pink and other lenses: the same decorative than practical lenses.
(8) dark green lenses: absorb heat, bring cool feeling, but low light transmission and clarity, suitable for wear when the sun, should not wear while driving.
(9) Blue Lens: Seaside beach play can wear blue lenses, can eff ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ectively filter out blue light blue sea and sky reflected.Blue lens driving sh ray ban sunglasses outlet ould be avoided, because it will make us a confusion color traffic signal.
The fashion world, has always been a classic and trendy sub half the sky.This spring and summer glasses still to go retro trend – the popularity of retro sunglasses round mirror, no matter how large, medium and small, classic circular frame always able to keep up with the trend.
Single tone sunglasses past, nothing but black, purple, red, etc., in recent years i ray ban online store uk ncreasingly bold colors and exaggerated.Lenses and frames can see the use of gradient color, contrasting color.For example, the use of black and gray gradient, earth color gradient, blue-violet color gradient …… black and white, red, green and other contrasting colors, so sunglasses become more interesting.
If you want to choose big sunglasses, brown, dark green could be classified as the first choice this year, Amber (tortoiseshell) is also very suitable match.
The basic function of sunglasses should include reducing light sti ray ban online store uk mulation, visual clarity without modification, anti-UV, no distortion of color recognition, traffic signals and the like to accurately identify.If the sunglasses do not have these features it may cause dizziness, eye soreness, the illusion of color vision and other symptoms, there may be cause serious traffic accident.
1.UV index: 96% -98% between selecte ray ban online store uk d UV index (UV filter effect index) on the lens.
2.Color: Lens color to gray, brown, green-based, protection from the sun dark lenses is b ray ban wayfarer sunglasses etter than light-colored, particular attention is to avoid outdoor activities wearing yellow lens sunglasses, because the yellow lenses make the eyes feel more uncomfortable.
3.Model: In general large lens sunglasses shading effect is better than small lenses, eye protection not only to a more comprehensive, but also to block the part of the face.
4.Security identifier: sunglasses safety properties, which uses a lens sheet like material such as a PC impact resistance, on the l ray ban uk sale abel and instructions are often marked with a “have impact resistance” “by the US FDA” “conform to the highest standards in Europe and America” and so, if the product can meet the requirements on the logo for motorcycle riders, drivers and other consumers have special requirements for safety performance is a good choice.
5.Material: summer sweat more, a high resistance to corrosion resin material or a portion of the m ray ban uk sale etal frame material will be more healthy, avoid sweat corrosion frames, but also to prevent toxic substances produced by the frame after corrosion damage to the skin.
6.Comfort: Overall bend through the large sunglasses may seem beautiful, but will affect the vision, to produce visual distortion resulting in dizziness and other conditions.

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uk ray ban Although not necessarily look good, but if a large number of frames will look better, even large mandibular angle can be changed visually
Select angular frame round face can appear more three-dimensional face of some
Lovely photo shoot wearing r ray bans wayfarer ound glasses to find a good point of view it is no big problem, it is recommended for everyday wear better choice angular
If the lower court extremely short (face special round), it is recommended not to wear too much of the frame, the face will look less
Friend is pointed face can be very capricious choice, do not be too proud, though you can do anything on most frame selected, but be careful not to choose uk ray ban shop too narrow rectangular frame, it looks more rigid
Some special shapes of glasses, such as the director described as not up, it look ray ban spare parts s too much like Monster, and be careful with friends alienated oh
Speak true, IPD narrow framework of people still do not choose a frame, when the frame size and IPD does not match easily lead to problems esotropia, more harm than good
Concave shape when wearing uk ray ban a wearing no harm, but also to select the right axis of the frame, IPD narrow axis can also choose a narrow frame, whereas the IPD wide to wide selection axis
If the eyes are good looking, frame or select no border thin border of it, the whole beautiful eyes can be ray bans wayfarer exposed, is the most perfect da ~
Director of Small fans sister who wear glasses were many ah?Myopia, flash, like the concave shape of glasses have c ray bans wayfarer ome a point zan it, if the number of people, we put forward the next event wearing sun glasses modeling it
What appeared to October is coming, summer quietly in the past, so this fall you want to do “fine fashion” must have a single product is it?duangduangduang!It is now in fashion circles dominate the “nerd” glasses friends!
2016 autumn and winter show f uk ray ban loor, all kinds of “nerd” glasses of various shapes, but also to say that most stars like the only wire-rimmed glasses!2017 Spring Fashion Week is in full swing recently off-site, and the brightest stars are employed every means t uk ray ban shop o steal the spotlight, where the gold-rimmed glasses became a hit single product.Yang Mi rushed Michael
Airport Street Kors runway show took on the choice of a “nerd” glasses with a shirt, also hair tied back, full flavor College.

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buy ray ban uk Full box section frame sunglasses, as the carefully crafted from nylon fibers and sheet material, suction eye fashion style, let you easily become the focus in the crowd.Large retro style outline details of independence Road to decorate: the top metal frame moldings add to the overall style of exquisite beauty, four-color metal rivets accurate mosaic texture daisies.The temples dotted with classic Coach “C” monogram, perfect.Optional combinations of various attractive colors, including black and bronze temple frame, the frame and the dark black tortoiseshell / metal temple, the whole dark blue.With gray / blue gradient lenses, explosive fashion attitude.
This section is one of the appearance of eye-catching sunglasses Oasis family members.Cla prescription sunglasses ray ban uk ssic style glasses inspiration for the design, frame and legs of a polygonal mirror effect create a level unparalleled buy ray ban uk sense.The unique personality of the convex serif logo, to show the unique beauty.Plate frame texture offers a variety of color options include: gorgeous jewelry texture, classic brown and dark gray, and gray and purple exudes mysterious luster, always highlight the free-spirited attitude and exquisite beauty.Presented exclusively brown / amber lenses with the same three-color gradient color gradient colors with more in the series adds a whole level of color and avant-garde st buy ray ban uk yle.
The trend is always reincarnation, this theorem in this year’s spring and summer, sunglasses fulfilled in the body.
Last year was kind of full of dramatic color, a deep rhetorical style of oversized sunglasses cover half of the face of mainstream.This year, along with the nostalgia for the good old days of the past 60 years the k ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ind of square frame sunglasses once again boarded the fashion stage.
This trend is retro in an unstoppable momentum, gradually swept over our feet, thighs and even eye.
Wore a recklessly Bob Dylan, push down not only the “Rolling Stone”.Covered sunglasses eye is not always so aggressive it?Machi ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ne wagon jacket plus dress sunglasses, if placed in the street shooting today, there will not be unexpected feeling.
Francoise Hardy, the ’60s French pop music symbol who has beautiful long hair, wearing a skirt wave point, as well, she likes to wear sunglasses, is not it looks very familiar?A Qiang Lie sense of decorative accessories shirt looks very interesting, put windbreaker, there is a range of elegant children.
Speaking of el ray ban wayfarer sunglasses egance, certainly will not miss the Miss Audrey Hepburn classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, her temperament, her style and even that section of the sunglasses she was wearing, and its influence continues to this day are.
From rock stars to movie stars, the United States and the people of the 1960s it seems to be very popular this with a little angle of sunglasses.Whether elegant or on behalf of the revolutionary vanguard, it can ease.Neutral, that era of labels, trends, and changes persist, in various ways and say it sounds, the label must take with revolutionary posted on this pair of sunglasses, seems a bit far-fetched, howev ray bans wayfarer er, as 60’s pop symbol of a, of a place that touches.
Stars are still the m prescription sunglasses ray ban uk ost steadfast of beach-goers, they go in cutting-edge fashion, always with practical action to show the loyalty and follow the trend.
Although the time has come to 2015, the situation still does not change anything, we see, those well-dressed darling began to set an example to copy from the glorious 60s.
Young Ashley Tisdale also like to use this one with her sunglasses casual and casual clothing, but a change of color, you can choose to have it become the protagonist or supporting role.
Sienna Miller’s demonstration is not to make you feel a pair of glasses can not only across time but also across the season.Thick scarf good, crisp striped shirt Ye Hao, can play a different taste to.

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ray ban sunglasses uk Network Reminder mirror sector, glaucoma patients should be careful to wear sunglasses, people with glaucoma or suspected glaucoma patients should not wear sunglasses, over 40 years of age should be careful to wear sunglasses for a long time.
Can cause improper wearing sunglasses sunglasses syndrome: there will numb the skin between the eyes or both sides of the cheek, Chi Dun consciousness and other symptoms; there are nasal discomfort when breathing, as if suffering from a cold; some people will feel that there is little bugs climb the face, eye soreness, etc., “because the causes often wear side wide, thick frame, heavy weight sunglasses”.
ray ban sunglasses uk Therefore, we must choose a suitable glasses, not to neglect the aesthetic quality of glasses, sunglasses d ray ban cats 1000 o not let the eye become invisible killer.
In general, the darker the lens shading effect is stronger, but does not indicate the ability of the stronger UV sunglasses lens color is generally good at medium depth, otherwise it is difficult to identify the color of traffic lights, when choosing sunglasses best not to choose blue lenses.
Do you uk rayban know what the role of sunglasses at Fashion Week it? In the face of hordes of photographers and the crowd can protect themselves, even if one did not sleep all night, you can also look super-imposing!With bags, shoes, as compelling as the iPhone’s case, we are always concerned about these accessories, always make us buy, ever.Fashion people will always be with the style change and replace with sunglasses.Summer come faster!In this season, you should also be sure to start with a pair of sunglasses, the following is the season of sun glasses trend 5!
Cat’s eye shape to take us back to the last century and four fifties.Yes, definitely retro style of the moment can not ray ban sunglasses wayfarer go wrong.
The early 2000s was a popular style comeback again, the evidence is that, during Fashion Week you can always see it!
N ray ban sunglasses wayfarer ot all sunglasses have lenses is black, is not all exudes mystery.Colored lenses let you see the different colors of the world!
White frame and black lenses will be in stark contrast, no matter what you’re wearing today is the style, it will add all yo ray ban sunglasses uk ur dynamic!Preference 90s oval eyes you more not to be missed.
Rihanna and launch of Dior sunglasses on a sense of space is the beginning of this trend.
Anna-Karin Karlsson’s design career began making custom glasses for the ladies of London.This eye-catching leopard sunglasses selection through rugged polished plate made, and decorated with red roses detail, to create a comparable couture charm.Recomm uk rayban ended to wear it, add some unique charm to your summer must-dress.
Anna-Karin Karlsson this eye-catching sunglasses are fashion’s favorite.It uses made of glossy black plate, decorated with rich sculptural interest caused by the cat’s eye frame of red rosettes and decorative silver trim.
Cutler and Gross, this 1970’s style round frame sunglasses made of pure handmade in Italy Kaduo Lai.It fine channel aft uk rayban er step 30, so that the frame and the hand-plated pearl luster sheet trimming luxurious texture to exhibit.We are particularly fond of it that retro style reflective lens – this is a big trend this season.
As summer is coming, it is time for us to be wary of too much sun. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause cumulative damage to your eyes as you age – but you can protect your vision by wearing sunglasses every day, even in cloudy weather. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best sunglasses, to prevent age-related cataracts and other eye problems over time.

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prescription ray ban sunglasses uk Wei Feng network Aug. 31 hearing for many grist, the Google glasses undoubtedly is a very new and interesting stuff, although it is not yet perfect, and problems faced possible invasion of privacy, but it is still highly anticipated.Recently, Google Glass team took the opportunity of many developers get Google glasses, held a small gathering to discuss Google glasses experience feelings together.At the same time, Amanda Rosenberg marketing manager for Google Glass team also brought a more stylish version of Google glasses.
Although Google glasses in the beginning of the design, by virtue of stylish design, obtaining favorable for many celebrities, but the attendant problems are gradually developing.Since these gla ray ban original wayfarer sses too recognizable, and Google has too much fame, so after wearing, people think th ray bans on sale at the user is likely to be true “GEEK”, and can inadvertently leak their privacy, it is quite necessary to keep a distance.The Google glasses wearer is perhaps for this reason, feel social trouble.
According to reports, the exterior looks sleek design revision to Google glasses for the first time, leading it from the Google Glass team of industrial designers design Olson.Although only launched a version, but if well received, including developers, in ray ban shop cluding, perhaps does not preclude Google will launch a special customized services.
Perhaps the ultimate direction of the introduction of customized services is Google glasses, after all, in today’s society, everyone in the pursuit of individual differences.And the working principle Google glasses, also make it prescription ray ban sunglasses uk difficult in real life universal, but in terms of the use of fashion, research, education and so on, then there may be a disruptive effect.
In any case, ahead of Google glasses are not suitable for everyday use today, but with a more stylish look, many believe that all fans want to see Google’s glasses.
At the beginning of last year, Google made the decision to stop selling Google Glass, and even developers work halted, melted behind closed doors R & D.
In a secret research for nearly a year, the new Goog ray ban original wayfarer le glasses surfaced at the end of 2015, Enterprise Edition quietly appeared FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the new hinge design, waterproof, switch to Intel processors.
From only a few photos, the new glasses do with a more rugged hinge design, which is determined can be fashioned.
Further, Google also designed different from the power contacts and exclu prescription ray ban sunglasses uk sive micro USB data interface and.
Which large-size thin rectangular sunglasses, between modern fashion and classical elegance to achieve the perfect Ping Heng, interpretation of retro fashion.Bezel and temple using hit-color design, with a fine appearance, and Marc Jacobs 2015 spring and summer fashion show echoes the theme, including color combinations: white / black, black / white, beige / white and brown / white ( MJ 501 / s models).
Designed to attain round sunglasses series, retro styling ray bans on sale and design unique double thick beam.Which type provided in two designs: Design of the frame and temple-side stripes of the front collision color design.Color combinations are: white / gray and beige / white; brown / white and black / white (MJ 502 / s models).
Marc Jacobs sunglasses and optical frames series manufactured and distributed by Safilo Safilo Group.
Optical expert Eric Tremblay introduced a unique contac ray ban original wayfarer t lenses, available with a telescopic sight.The contact lens AAAS held earlier this year in San Jose, California (AAAS) annual meeting announced.
Such contact lenses having a thickness of 1.55 mm, and has a very thin reflecting telescope, which allows the user to zoom in and out the old blinking, the contact lens is made by a rigid, despite having a relatively large size and rigidity, this scleral lenses are safe to use or and comfort, the optical sensor and electronics is also an attractive platform.

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sunglasses ray ban uk From the comfort, the director of the resin material and please recommend mixing materials, more durable one hand, the other main reason is the new lightweight materials, wear a long time on the bridge of the nose, the ears will alleviate many of the oppressio ray ban usa n
And rich colors, shapes, there are many variations (such as a treasure to buy a few dollars to hundreds of dollars color glasses)
The packet, K gold frame on the one hand become old looks after the oxidation problem, there will be a weight problem
For example Wang Luo Dan Yan pair of high value glasses, although poser pretty good, but the real experience is to w ray ban sunglasses outlet uk ear a long time will be a little pain in the ear
Because the weight is not itself very light, but the temple has been relatively thin, relatively ray ban frames uk small loading area, a long time will be deformed ears
If a heavy material like the frame, the shape of the temple require special attention, the best choice is not angular, have a certain thickness, it is preferably blunt shaped temples
Make ray ban sunglasses outlet uk the nose appear heavier frame indentation, for too long can also cause semi-permanent signs, so it is best not to wear glasses for a long time (could not find a map, they make it on their own brain)
Myopia can be reduced wear time lighter, heavier myopic vision correction surgery may be selected in the case of the eye for the case where
A sunglasses ray ban uk fter all, severe myopia glasses off if not careful, the frame then the United States is useless ray ban frames uk , anyway, are squatting on the ground to touch the look …
As for color looks very high value tortoiseshell frame, the director does not recommend to buy, cheap tortoiseshell frame is false, do not like sunglasses ray ban uk the election of resin, sheet style and more
Expensive tortoiseshell even afford to buy, nor environmentally friendly, no sale no killing
Some people judge summed up the simplest method, square face, wearing round, round face wearing a squ ray ban sunglasses outlet uk are, awl face, wearing everything … Overall, though not wrong, but the actual selection of the time but still does not look good
Start with a square face to choose the right circular frame, the frame must pass cheekbones, otherwise it will show great face, for example, two glasses of spring and spring, the right side of this pair appears to be more cosmetic face

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ray ban store uk 1. Original realistic male head carved two (gloomy expression, mad expression).
This is the mother ship of a maximum clay series, is also equipped with squat lower body, withdraw A bomb with shelling piece of special effects is also very rich!A ray ban store uk look at the map it beautifully official!~
Biography: One of this for the heroine, serve Department staff, and I was now charge a group, the top caste in school.It is a natural fool, but it will look at the atmosphere and attention to someone else’s face ray ban case .Very poor performance, under the Hachiman and snow often wondered Yui is how high into the Sobu.Food is poor, but like cooking.Snow snow is the only friend.Valley companies than like Hachiman.
This evaluation toy “model ray ban predator Budokai would SPECIAL Huang Jinfulisa” provided by Banpresto, Banpresto Special thanks sample provided.
————————————————– ————————————————– ——–
In this Tyrant’s gold is the new sexy, our flisa also golden incarnation with his own main ray ban case battle new Movie killed back ~
Have not seen the students may want to ask, I know all the truth, but why flisa became shi Oh no golden?!
Felisaz fighting itself is a genius, he ray ban wayfarers uk is fighting terror before he was born, that the goods do not have a good workout too, so Qiazhiyisuan king, as long as the bitter experience good practice, positive just super race completely fear ~
The ray ban case refore, the embodiment of the golden form of Flisa once again hit, this time the fate of the planet Jun will happen then?
Toys are ray ban store uk modeling this special section Budokai 5, in particular paragraph total of two kinds, namely, gold and blue hair flisa super race Wukong God, today we have reviewed the protagonist is the only golden king friends ~
Box front, full of momentum, the king had a golden gleam body, with purple lightning, a look at ray ban predator the role is not to be trifled with.(probably
The back of the box shows the Flisa and positive Wukong confrontation scene, did not show a positive come out of the base has also been disclosed!
Lava Burst platform effect is very commendable, very intense fighting seen.