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ray ban shop online uk Details on the extent of the return of the King product.Hair coloring uneven edge glove-gamut serious, obvious parting line coat, shoes feels oily, water outlet on the toe along with bright blind.
Also many advantages, such as the brother’s hand to do many, this ultra-high-value color; metallic stick full point, underwear, pants and painting are good, and so details.
The current minimum price of several seemingly inside, it seems popular enough ah.I do not know in this battle are fine sections 4 series of war is how to get better, it seems th cheap ray bans glasses uk at brother really have backgrounds.
Now, many people can not do without glasses, glasses and closely linked to our lives.Whether myopia also
Point glasses still more by the young people, because it is a global trend of fashion development standards, build self-confidence of the quality of life for the young family, enjoy the world’s most popular design.Mankind from living a simple lifestyle, has now advanced to the convenience of life, because during the pursuit of a comfortable life, convenient, created many amaz rayban wayfarer ing invention.From the simple but important wheel, pen, paper, toilet paper, and then the lights technology products, transport, network, medical engineeri ray ban shop online uk ng, etc., but in my life, I feel the greatest impact was on my own glasses.Glasses lit up our lives, our world lit.
2.For the powder on the nose rub off sunglasses this issue, there is little skill in the makeup can help it.After Shang Hao foundation, take tissue in the nasal lightly printed on it, the IRES rub off, and then in this position carefully and try to make up the loose powder compaction.Such sunglasses would only rub off colorless loose powder, foundation will not rub off all.
Cont ray ban glasses frames uk act lenses of the present invention, a double-edged sword.On the one hand it does meet the needs of a lot of beautiful people, and finally get rid of the “rustic” and cumbersome glasses; on the other hand, with regard to eye contac cheap ray bans glasses uk t lenses caused endless, but for a long time to wear uncomfortable, after all,.Fortunately, now fashionable glasses more and more glasses girl can “type”, “cool”, “Moe”.Moreover, the summer many people will wear sunglasses, but also bring some sunglasses and glasses, like a small problem, how to solve the “real”, the sister to see this spectacle of fashion password.
Let me talk about a lot of people dissatisfied w rayban wayfarer ith glasses most places, because there are narrow myopic lens effect, DAI Qi glasses to see the world is clear, but in others it seems smaller eyes, but does not seem to mind.Such problems can actually be solved by makeup.A lot of people misunderstand wearing glasses do not need of eye makeup, because the glasses are blocked, in fact not the case, but after wearing glasses, but stressed that it should draw the eye line, expand the range of eye makeup.For example, emphasize the upper and lower eyeliner outline, eye shadow brush area rayban wayfarer is bigger, the eyes can play a larger effect.
Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld invited Linda Evangelista Linda Evangelista interpretation of the Chanel Spring Summer 2015 eyewear collection.
Before the shooting at a large advertising motorsport inspired, 7L studio in Paris, printed with black and white checkered flag background composed of a double C logo, Carl glasses with a camera to capture ray ban shop online uk the charm and fashion supermodel interpretation.
Four themes, tells four different stories, fun all summer.
Classic black and white, with yellow, blue, green, orange, red and other bright colors bold intersection, Hua Caiyue move.
Oversized Sunglasses fashion tribute to the classic 60’s playful attitude, and places of optical glasses behaved and dignified style revisit time on campus.

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According to experts, sunglasses must block all ultraviolet UVA, UVB two bands, lenses must meet the requirements of national standard spectacle lens.And based on face matching.
Round face recipe shaped frames, so you can make your face look slightly angular.Best not to choose a round frame, otherwise it will make your face look more round.
Chin inverted triangle face is particularly shrill, this face to avoid wearing large glasses frame, otherwise it will exaggerate the forehead, and the choice tiny frame would play a role in narrowing the width of the forehead in the visual.
Forehead narrow triangular face, this face as choose some square frames, it will make your forehead look narrow width of some, in order to coordinate the facial contours.
If the square face is biased to a rectangle, you can choose some of the m ore wide frames, can play the role of a visually shortened face.If the face is not too long, we chose relatively small delicate frame, such as a small oval frames lenses can make the face look softer.
But popular, these standards are often not suitable for popular family, which for two years has been the popular “exaggeration is beautiful, colorful hyun is, is popular even into the film,” which two years in the fashion eyewear eye- ray bans catching counter position is placed exclusively large framed sunglasses, the overall design is more compact, more simple.While on the lens style is also a change in previous years, fine lines, revealing the full beauty of Zhang Yang, curved arc design makes glasses more in line contours of the face, cheek to wear Compare.Some lenses also exaggerated beyond the basic face, like a windshield molding to the foot of th e reasons people play it cool.So buy the eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom.
Pop really a breath of monsoon, what season Hing what is there is a pattern, such as this time of year, a touch of colorful whirlwind began to confuse people’s eyes, blue, purple, deep, shallow, people hide in the back of their own choosing colors looked at from the popular around.Even if it is rainy weather, even if it is early in th ray ban sunglasses sale e morning and then dim bar, there is always a group of people accustomed to a colored frames on the bridge of the nose, the head, let it be like necklaces, earrings general, only the beauty of it.
People into the summer, wearing sunglasses multiply.A high-quality sunglasses ray bans sunglasses not only can filter out the sun for more than 95% of ultraviolet rays, effectively protect the eyes, but also weaken the glare.However, red sunglasses will damage people’s eyes, and in severe cases can lead to cataracts.
Strong sunlight will burn the retina, and sunlight have a cumulative effect, over time, it is bound to have eye injuries, medically known as “chronic light damage”.UV damage to the human eye is mainly determined by the wavelength of ultraviolet light, radiation time and intensity strength and self-defense mechanism of th ray ban sunglasses sale e human eye.Cornea, lens is the most common ocular tissue from UV damage.Excessive sun exposure, will lead to protein denaturation intraocular lens, the crystal becomes cloudy, causing cataracts.
Sunglasses color choice moderately deep green, gray, brown, etc., it is best not to choose red because red lenses absorb the worst effects of ultraviolet light, not only can not filter out ultraviolet light, it will lead to a lot of ultraviolet light entering the eye, damage to the lens, serious cause cataracts.Prevention of cataracts must also pay attention to diet, eat antioxidant fruits, such as grapes, etc..Mor ray bans eover, usually also can eat liver, eggs, milk, fresh green leafy vegetables like beans and food.Yang Kaiyan
Summer, to the sun, many people choose to wear sunglasses to reduce sun damage to the eyes.Consumers must choose qualified sunglasses, otherwise it is likely to cause undue wear “sunglasses ray bans syndrome”; at the same time, a low-quality sunglasses not only can not resist ultraviolet rays, but also give the eye cause great harm.
Teach you to identify whether a pair of sunglasses with anti-ultraviolet function, our product through the label and front glasses to see, such as “UV400” “block all UV” and logo.Mirror world network of experts suggested that in order to protect the health of the eye, should choose sunglasses with anti-ultraviolet function, try to eliminate wavelengths below 380nm UV.
Not suitable for children under 5 years long time to wear sunglasses, because their visual function and development has not reached adult levels, long wear sunglasses may form amblyopia.
The correct way is: Give your child wear Qiang Lie when the sun, the sun is weakened or removed promptly indoors.

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ray ban spectacles uk Kate Walsh choose to use the same retro feel with a pair of sunglasses hat, and Kirsten Dunst turned out like a bird from the antique shops in small bags, sunglasses looks the same from 60 years got along very harmonious.
Nicky Hilton, Rachel bilson, Samantha Ronson chose a color, and you want people on the street seem less the same, but added that they can learn.But if wearing the color of money, it is best sorted out under his clothes a good color match, dressed too fancy again deputy in color, it is easy to mistakenly think you are playing street p ray ban sunglasses uk erforming arts xiaonianqing.
Sunglasses are not just “putting the sun shine” in order to use sunglasses standing in the fashion circle has been upgraded to one of the street poser can not be missing a single product!Fashion up to the people certainly would not miss this trend and practical and wild San goods, almost everybody has one.If you are law-abiding, also wearing sunglasses, then it out!Nowadays Masamori several sunglasses fashion trends, you should know oh.
Black background thick, irregular layers of colored flowers in full bloom engraved printing, hot red, elegant blue, bright gold …… seemed full of vitality in the night blooming General.Slight tilt of the effective modification of the face frame, a strong metallic frame relatively calm temperament injection frame jumping.
1.The use of selected category.If the light is more complicated places, such as driving or trave ray bans ling, fishing, you can choose polarized sunglasses.Special sunglasses lenses, can filter harmful rays and glare air.But polarizer lens color in general would be more deep, in the fashion of perhaps a little on the weak.
2.According to their facial skin color selection.Determine the desired category, following on to pick style.Round for thicker frame, lens color colder, darker glasses.Fine little face for wearing frame or rimless spectacl ray bans es.Flat long face should choose rounded or curved mirror, slightly thick in order to weaken the elongated sense of the temple of the face.
Retro strong wind blowing, probably one of the beneficial soil round frame sunglasses hot.Anyway, people find it difficult to manage the influx of people suddenly became a hot election between even accept the style overnight, and whether it is pure or retro to fashionable and innovative design there are people who love.Modified version of the circular frame with a mirror although books brea ray bans wayfarer th, it has been transformed by the material a ray ban spectacles uk nd color, and skillfully injected rebellious uninhibited tone.But you have to know that this is to pick a style of face, if you are a beautiful little face children, boldly go from bar!
High gloss and texture of the material selection, the classic round box with a more stylish brown transparent frame, frame nose pads one-piece design durable, smooth lines, comfortable to wear temple.Frame nose pads one-piece design, more fluid lines on the vision, wearing more fit, more durable.Lines temple, displaying perfect arc.
These sunglasses are designed to make people want to exclaim: “cool it!”In terms of desi ray bans gn, neither current nor cling to traditional replication, and unique combination in the middle ground.Shape so that the metal braid temple very delineation lines and character frame surface lined stainless steel, brushed texture, it can play a decorative effect.
Summer 2015 fashion show “DiorSoReal” using disintegration style sunglasses Pantos shape, no nose adv ray ban spectacles uk anced frame design ingenuity, the perfect fusion of architectural lines and couture spirit, a great European and American actress praised.Tortoiseshell synthetic resin frame is light and delicate, with a metallic silver decoration details.Silver half increased mechanical sensitivity retroreflective sheeting.
From the appearance, at first glance it is not a fashion trend, but a little weird.It is but a full range of high technology intelligence product.Main material is a polycarbonate, a dual lens structure, all of the processing systems on the second layer polymerized lens.Equipped with a high-pass Snapdragon processor 805, an inertial sensor, a configuration screen 720p.
A circuit board inside the frame, the camera in the middle of the glasses designed, with the top of the infrared lens to track the user’s gaze direction.Of course, MINI AR modules are also equipped ray ban sunglasses uk with WiFi, Bluetooth module, GPS module, we see this is not all think Google glasses.
Currently the prototype phase of the AR glasses, not only large and heavy, not convenient to wear, needs special instructions.You need to perform debugging based on individual after wear, it can be said that this AR glasses to wear it is really not easy.In the comfort and lightness also need to continue to optimize.In addition, due to the processing system are concentrated in the glasses, so wear will not long fever, which greatly affect the user experience, of course, battery life short board.

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ray ban frames uk – Recently, millet ecological chain enterprises in Wuxi Rui meter has launched a anti-blue light B1 goggles, millet public test today in new starter, let’s look together tushang.
-1,35% Rejection harmful blue, 99.99% UV blocking;
– ▼ packaging is very Jian Jie, white carton picture printed on the front and the name of the produ cheap ray bans glasses uk ct
– ▼ Open the box, which has a frame (with lenses); two pairs of glasses leg, nose pads and two pairs of mirror box lens cleaning cloth for each one (because I received was an engineering sample, there is no matching glasses case with len ray ban glasses uk s cleaning cloth)
– ▼ simple description, there are described the temple and nose pad replacement and installation methods
– ▼ using split design, installation frame with temples alone, while the factory is equipped with two different temples, a standard mirror legs (made with color frame) is another sport temples, ears using a non-slip design, d cheap ray bans glasses uk o not worry even if the outdoor sports glasses fly.
– ▼ while this spectacle is also used removable nose pad design, metal block on the nose pad, the middle of the frame with magnets on the corresponding box on the card installed, factory standard size two sizes of ray ban wayfarer uk nose pads, big nose a little on the installation of large, small nose, a little on the small installation nose pads, very intimate oh!
– Because this anti-blue glasses using a high purity high-quality coating resin lenses, looks like the kind of decorative eyeglasses without lenses
– lens uses a double-sided coating, can effectively prevent damage to the eyes caused by a variety of display, while not have any impa ray ban glasses uk ct visual.
– Use TR90 frame material with high toughness and wear resistance, and the quality of ultra-light, weighing only 21 grams complete set of glasses, wear to feel almost no feeling, long wearing and will not feel a sense of ray ban glasses uk pressure!
Blu-ray is a harmful light, commonly found in computer monitors, cell phones, etc., but we prolonged use of these devices is likely to damage the eyes, and wearing blue goggles grade anti-TS basis can reduce this damage, TS base-level anti-blue protection eyepiece ray ban frames uk temple using PEI material, only 1 according to the official propaganda.5 A4 paper so heavy, even if there will not be any burden to wear.
Celine2015 spring and summer sunglasses try to adopt a new style, soft and sensual or able charming, material aspects of the play focuses on the comparative resins, metal and leather.
Famous Chain Blazon Chapter chain by a mosaic patt ray ban frames uk ern of diamond or contrast, or a metal member is embedded in an oval.
Another prominent season new design is the use of frames having temples conic, landscaping packed with oversized mirror style.In the metal mask styles and aviator styles, CELINE logo also been used in the frame and temples at.

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uk ray ban store With Jian Jie and elegant design and a wild flight is Phillip Lim sunglasses 3.1 Series flagship models, design rich sense of lightness, not much change, but it highlights the handsome.In addition, the new series also includes a transparent jelly-like texture of pink sweet thick frame section, and retro tortoise uk ray ban store shell pattern of.
LADY GAGA fashion, as the barometer of the influx of people I am afraid that this series is no stranger to funny sunglasses.Graffiti is the coolest logo, you will see the spectacle lens is no longer dark, but with a variety of geometric patterns, mesh, striped, E prescription ray ban sunglasses uk CG-like novel ideas kept the influx of people not highlight the personality avant-garde.
In support of charitable projects, which the latest environmental protection sunglasses is launched.Chocolate sunglasses are produced from a material extracted from castor seeds, leaves stereoscopic texture is modified temples.The glasses made of leather cartridge.
Which unique new spring ray ban 4125 and summer sunglasses, inspired by one of its great iconic Gucci pattern, Flora floral patterns, hereby dedicated to those vibrant and mysterious charm of modern Gucci woman.
I w vintage ray bans onder if you also have this feeling: the usual camera will pay particular attention to their facial expressions, concerned about whether they will naturally photogenic.However, if a rack cool sunglasses, even deadpan, Zhang Fan children are out.
Through sunglasses, what we see is a gentle world, let the uk ray ban store world see a more stylish cool you drag.
In every sunny day, it is our indispensable to carry small objects.Look at those ladies supermodel, Hollywood actress, a pair of black glasses are so trendy and wild, suffer how we always buy favorite?
Before ▼, ray ban 4125 several groups funky street beat Gigi modeling, we are careful to find her wearing sunglasses with a blue laser prescription ray ban sunglasses uk , light up thanks to its shape
Quay sunglasses by the advent attracted many celebrity fans, colorful, retro, wild are its label.
▼ hot supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio go on vacation, bikini and sunglasses with super
▼ Quay usually she is a big fan, wearing sunglasse ray ban 4125 s in a variety of different shapes Quay out to the streets of two photos with her hands to count
▼ Gwen Stefani with a variety of different styles to the interpretation Quay
▼ I bet you 5 cents, this pair of nude-colored sunglasses Quay Emma Roberts is definitely the most photographed single product, whether it is to participate in activities or daily wear out and have it

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ray ban.co.uk So how does it work?According to the research team, said light bounce around a small mirror that contact lenses which expand the size of the object perceived, so use them as if through a low-power telescope viewing around.
Recently, it appears on the ebay a Google Glasses Google Glass, Google glasses with different past, both sides of this pair of Google glasses are used with ordinary eyeglasses hinge design, the use of a magnetic charging port interfaces, these two points before match at the US Federal communications Commission (FCC) exposure Googl ray ban 3016 e glasses, should be the newest Google glasses.
According to previous news, this Google glasses with glass prisms larger than the previous generation, support 5GHz WiFi, use of a larger battery, a faster Intel processor, optimized camera, waterproof.Also joined the front camera working status indicator.
Currently Google glasses project has been adjusted, incorporated into the Project Aura, the direct control of the project leader Tony Fadell Nest.According to the information, this generation enterprise version of Google glasses will only corporate customer sales and news that Google ha ray ban sunglasses uk sale s passed the Glass for Work project provides hundreds Enterprise Google glasses to partners, which perhaps this product is the most practical areas of.
This product is likely just the new Google glasses a test version, what futu ray ban 3016 re products look like, we’ll see what happens.
Related reading: give up ordinary consumers, Google Glass closed social networking account
Before Google glasses users have commented, we see the future, and the new Google glasses coming from the original, but also a step forward.Compared with the old, the new hardware and software have made some changes.The hardware side, th ray ban 3016 e new Google glasses plus set up a distribution frame and a pair of removable sunglasses, party glasses for Wudeng have to say is a boon.In addition, the new glasses can use supporting the mono headset (bone conduction technology still retained).Software, built-in system made certain updates, upgrades for XE10.
Imagine sitting in a gathering in a conference room in the audience, then your phone suddenly rang, a “most unusual national wind” suddenly remembered infected the whole audience, you naturally became the entire conference room focus, many people must have seen such a scene, indescribable feeling of embarrassment.
Imagine then, also came to the meeting room, but when your nose was a pair of Google glasse ray ban.co.uk s, stage speech to the rise in front of you to show a message!”My husband Meme da ~ Tonight 8:00 we met the first 8760 hours – rice in the pot, I – in bed,” you smiled, nodded slightly, the roar of applause from the audience, there is no sense of violation and can be described as “domi ray ban 8305 neering high-grade, low-key luxury connotation various.”
But this alone is not enough, users can actively manage their own schedule.When you look up to the sky 45 °, or touch the touchpad with your fingers on the right side of the glasses, the current time will be mapped to your eyes, then you can melancholy looked at the front, sig ray ban.co.uk h magnificent mountains and rivers, beautiful woman rich in beauty, to show the world your art Fan, again a standard Chinglish, “hello ~ Grass ~ te ~ g amount of Fou head”, just listen to Pia ~ bang, floating away from the clouds, rippling Yilian they are retained in the Google glasses in memory.
When finished feed the cat, your heart began to trouble a whisper, why give meow star people busy morning?Meow star who is Gesha?With these doubts, you say o ray ban 8305 ne thing, “Ok Glass ,, What is cat?”Google glasses will tell you all the information you need.
Of course, with Google glasses to navigate, it feels really wonderful, for example, I went to school (Rose-hulman Ins from home.) Do was to say, “Hello Glass, get the direction to Rose-hulman”, so easy!
Inspired by the elegant and charming female model, “human angel” Audrey?Hepburn.Round resin frame feminine, slightly upturned at both ends, reflects the contemporary women’s independence.Continuation Céline sunglasses unique decorative silver metal wafer, the frame and temples which are located on both sides of the connector, gold CéLINE logo remains hidden inside the temple.The series flesh color, green, khaki, brown, cigar, black and other colors to choose frame, respectively, with different shades of polarized lenses.

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ray ban aviators uk CARRERA 113 / S- improve this iconic aviator frame is the essence of the new Carrera signature series.
The feather-light and laser cut frames made of stainless steel, has a matte surface treatment, the perfect fusion of traditional and modern design style.
CARRERA 115 / S – like the blade of frames ultrathin thin stainless steel, it has a matt surface, which is a me ray ban aviators uk morable series of circular frame.
The series is equipped with ultra-thin frame, the lightweight designed to bring unparalleled experience for the wearer, both excellent comf ray ban glasses uk ort and a stylish modern cool elegant appearance.
0.7 mm laser cut stainless steel frame decorative logo in the laser etching of the temple, with perfect.All in all, this is a thinner, lighter, ray ban aviators uk more dazzling sunglasses.
Color: matt treatment, using MONCHROMO lens; matte light gold, gray lens / light gold, dark gray lens / matt blue, blue lens / matt gray, blue lens / matte black, gray or green lenses lens / gold bronze, dark Cyclamen / platinum, lenses brown / black gold, gray lenses.
Both plastic and metal to create simultaneous selection of frames, one w ray ban glasses uk ith circular, square, compared with the other, and equipped with a brow bar.Both temple sunglasses with the same design replacement ray ban lenses : and projecting through a die to create a high relief logo lending to the temples.
Color: black, brown lenses / color turquoise, light blue lens / ruthenium blue, gray lens / ruthenium gray, dark gray lens / Havana golden brown lenses / Havana brown, green lenses.
Color: ruthenium black, brown lenses / lens cherry red with brown / petroleum ruthenium, blue le polarized sunglasses ns / ruthenium Havana color, brown lenses / Havana black, blue lens / ru polarized sunglasses thenium Havana color, gray
Chic style with exquisite decorative colors, to create elegant mirror effect, designed to build a modern girl maverick.
The front portion Carrera 117 / s and Carrera 5030 / s of metal and plastic material ray ban glasses uk , and the temples are made from metal.
Color: Black, gray lens / palladium gold purple, gray lens / Cyclamen transparent, brown lenses / transparent blue, gray lens – silver metal ruthenium member.
Color: ruthenium black, gray lens / gold mud, lenses brown / purple, dark gray lens / Cyclamen, lenses brown / pink gold, brown lenses / palladium gray, gray lenses.
NTERCHANGEABLE series -Interchangeable has a new series of long, narrow shape and innovative design.

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wayfarer sunglasses New York socialite Olivia on many occasions recycling the same pair of sunglasses, jacket with cool good, pink fairy dress worth mentioning, “style” word written on the face.
Fashion blogger Leandra Medine of red cat’s eye glasses lit her a solid shape.
On the audience point of view, the square box is probably the most easy to control, and border the minor physical tricks, exposes the childrens ray bans charade inadvertently, it is hard to ignore.
If equipped with reflective lenses, futuristic it stronger.Seriously speaking, you can co ray ban style sunglasses me off when the portable mirror it (effective pro-test).
Cat’s eye glasses in itself unique retro atmosphere, it is more senior round and oval shaped glasses.
Universe blogger Chiara wearin childrens ray bans g black cool Dehen, with too neat and handsome, big brother could not help but to be candid behind hundreds of.
Retro lovers do not have to consider other shapes of the glasses, round cat’s eye glasses is the most direct reduction of retro atmosphere of that era.
Under the influence of fashion trends, the cat’s childrens ray bans eye glasses to redesign some more flavor.
Currently, the fashion version of Google glasses open only to US consumers buy and sell luxury goods through the shop NET-A-PORTER.Natalie Massenet (Natalie Massenet) NET-A-PORTER, f wayfarer sunglasses ounder and Chairman of the Board, said: “We are very pleased to DVF version of Google glasses bring those consumers new technology products, stylish frame and high-end t ray ban repairs uk echnology the combination will make Google glasses look more avant-garde.”
In the configuration, stylish glasses with the original version of Google as Google glasses, but the price is slightly higher wayfarer sunglasses , the former also supports medical lenses, and a one-year warranty.
Google glasses is absolutely wonderful wearable devices.On the one hand, it can play the most wearable concept, the product lightweight and portable, both the ray ban repairs uk screen and the camera at eye level, and its battery life is also good, in terms of applications is huge potential.
But it has many advantages, but lost badly last reason, Google’s mismanagement will definitely be in the first row.
Camera: I’m afraid the most controversial of the first generation of products is this camera, because it is likely to violate the privacy of others, to make others feel uncomfortable.

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cheap ray ban aviators uk Spring-Summer 2015 Burberry (Burberry) Sunglasses New: Neutral models
For the previously exposed Google has partnered with Intel, Intel will use the information in the next generation of Google Glass, Luxottica side said this will not affect bilateral cooperation, they jointly developed by Intel and optical products that is different from the Google Glass kind of mechanization look too obvious, but in the case will try not to change the appearance of conventional glasses, the glasses inside the implanted chip, and the difference is quite obvious Google ray ban prescription sunglasses Glass.
Professionals: car wearing dark sunglasses will extend the driver’s reaction time to unexpected situations
When wearing a black super car, it always felt cool, Guancheng Miss Lu will pay a price: they head injuries, the car hit the rear.
Automotive professionals have recomme ray bans sale uk nded that owners, it is best to wear light-colored sunglasses while driving, because too deep of sunglasses will extend the driver’s reaction time to unexpected situations.
Guancheng the end of last year after Miss Lu just got a new car, because usually ride a friend’s car, I will see my friends would wear cheap ray ban aviators uk cool sunglasses, therefore, Miss Lu buy a car, the first time to go with the sunglasses with a degree of myopia.But precisely because of this pair of glasses, so she and her car were injured.
“Spring Festival my family to the country, because the sunny day, I put on dark glasses to drive, may be too dark sunglasses, when on a rural road vehicles to turn right, then saw the car speed from the rear view mirror and not too fast, so I hit the steering wheel as a result, two cars crashed, and he therefore hit on the head, but also hurt the tail of the car, but fortunately in the back seat of the family are all right, otherwise, really guilty.”Speaking of Miss Lu played because ray ban prescription glasses of an accident caused by sunglasses, considered to be too dark sunglasses or so she did not react, why we have such an error event.
In the case of Miss Lu, a car professionals said, driving under the Qiang Lie sun, the driver’s eyes will feel tired, so many drivers will wear dark sunglasses to block the sun, protect your eyes, but because of the influence of ray ban prescription glasses sight.
Therefore, suggest that drivers have, such as wearing sunglasses driving sunglasses should not be too deep color, dark sunglasses eye can delay time to image sent to the brain, the visual delay and distortion caused by the feeling of speed, so that drivers wear sunglasses to make wrong judgment.And studies have shown that cheap ray ban aviators uk too deep of sunglasses will extend the driver’s reaction time to unexpected situations.
Mr. Wang also said that when he drove often wear dark sunglasses, but this case wear glasses because of the accident has not yet come across like Miss Lu, however, will be considered for a pair of sunglasses behind the wheel.
“I drove not wear ray ban prescription glasses sunglasses because the glasses do have friends said that the impact will wear sunglasses on the drive, if encountered Qiang Lie sun, put down the sun visor.”Ms. Huang expressed the owner.
Summer has so many girls ready to go this year, what style y ray bans sale uk ou want to shape to fight?Speaking of summer certainly would immediately think of a variety of body exposed skin can cool design, and full of beach style leisure single product, and eye-catching colors and flower design is absolutely not to be missed this summer, while now with us, summer list Japanese necessary various lists, start-of-season clothes out of the closet, so that they have a wonderful summer bar.
Suitable sunglasses style is a Qiang Lie highlight a single product, this season we all love retro, funky retro edge of the box let you cool.

ray ban sunglasses sale

ray ban sunglasses sale This series has a large thickness and a clear edge of the frame, including four styles: one of which has in the spring and summer 2015 show floor show optical glasses, sunglasses, two fibers of a metal material acetate sunglasses.The new spectacle lens in black and white and a black body with a deep pink color combination mirror arm neutral presentation; addition moire green, gray and caramel color shades.The series began selling sunglasses start at Miu Miu shop and a selection of glasses dealer shop in May.
Stella?McCartney (Stella McCartney) dress has been clubmaster ray ban well received by big stars favorite, but she herself won the British Fashion Awards (British Fashion Awards) awarded the “Best Red Carpet Design” award in 2015.In fact, many Hollywood stars more popular Stella McCartney accessories, especially the cat’s eye sunglasses retro.
Cat’s eye sunglasses divided into two, one is the perfect present 50s-style, authentic design, which at Louis Vuitton and Prada, represented by.The other is on this basis, more stylish design but also closer to the deformation of the influx of people deman sunglasses ray ban uk d today, it is open season on behalf of the early days of Alexander Wang swept the mess.If you are elegant type person, then choose this right sunglasses.
Famous Chinese designer Alexander Wang has been the favorite of the fashion world, his clothing line has been selling well, and his accessories also will be more and more people’s attention.Gradient Cat Eye frame, complex Gumo Deng and very futuristic, and his clothing as there are great personality, makes you feel My extreme.
Who is feeling gorgeous ex ray ban optical frames uk clusive night party?Suffering from the impact of the baroque sunglasses started up from the luxurious details, you can select those crystal mosaic, carved decorative design, make your sunglasses special, you can also own DIY one, in some decorative accessories his sunglasses above, including the vine flower, pearl and rivets.
This a series of accessories inspired by Anna Dello Russo unique and strong fashion sense to her usual favorite jewelry and her like a palace-like luxury home for creative background, to create a ser sunglasses ray ban uk ies of distinctive variety of jewelry, including jewelry , sunglasses, shoes, handbags and luggage, etc., most glittering extravagance extraor ray ban optical frames uk dinary, full of style Anna Dello Russo.Sunglasses that two vibration shiny crocodile really domineering.
From handbags to transparent transparent frame, crystal clear transparent material become summer fashion, transparent frame can increase the sense of cool summer, colorless and transparent frame with colored lenses or tinted lenses with color frame, gave the overall shape adds highlights.
July 20, 2015, Hong Kong, sunglasses will always be indispensable star pretending to be cool props, but different styles of sunglasses worn on different faces of the star, not the same feeling.Gu Tianle fond of blue sunglasses will be very in tune with himself, but after Rain cut potato head with sunglasses is too feminine.
Rain ray ban sunglasses sale sunglasses are among the most popular style, the problem is filming deliberately trimmed hair, silly sunglasses with cool completely do not match, do not not know, the original Rain has one pair of Mickey Mouse ears for a ride, the overall feeling of the gas slightly heavier women.
Gu Tianle recent years focused on filming, do voice and sunglasses ray ban uk commercials, continue to travel around the world, it is not a lack of natural sunglasses accessories.Gu Tianle always liked the style of ray ban sunglasses sale Ray-Ban sunglasses, a pair of blue lens sunglasses highly stylized, his whole body is coordinated with dark skin.
Lucky children select (Galie) when the catwalk, more particularly with a red square frame mirror arm crude white, red and white contrast with style, with music-based child sexy lips surprisingly increases the temptation sexy.
Sammi Cheng (Sammi) pair of sunglasses is a functional rather than decorative, especially for makeup but do not want to see the situation or take pictures of people, three quarter face is hidden, very safe!
Ayumi Hamasaki is a trend indicator, dressed from head to foot has its own unique taste, but not everyone can imitate that, after all, come too dramatic exaggeration.Pair of white plastic frame sunglasses flies taste too heavy, so she seems very cartoon, set off by her small face, a bit too avant-garde!